Guizhou renovating sky price tourist standard scenic spot mark-sweets parade

Guizhou learned remediation of "the new network price tag in the Guiyang scenic area tourism standard in September 26, 26 in Guizhou Province, regulate the tourism scenic spot price tag special action teleconference, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Tourism Commission and the Department of public security, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, food and Drug Administration and other departments, today in the main scenic spots the province jointly launched a 7 month standard tourist attractions price tag special action. In recent years, many national scenic spots frequently exposed "super fish" and "price of shrimp", "super Kang" tourism consumption "astronomical" events, as well as spectators cheat passengers off the asking price, price fraud and other travel chaos, a serious impact on the tourism market order and the development of the tourism industry. "Carrying out special actions for standardizing the price of tourist attractions is an important measure to strengthen the supervision of tourist market price, to investigate and eliminate potential hidden danger of price, to maintain the price order of tourism market and to boost the blowout growth of Guizhou’s tourism industry." Deputy director of Guizhou provincial development and Reform Commission Xu Yuanzhi said that the special action will also further strengthen the tourism market price regulation, price behavior tourism operators, improve the scenic spot price tag price publicity rate and quality, enhance the price information transparency, purification tourism market price environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of tourists. It is understood that the special action of the main opening in Guizhou province within the various tourist scenic spots, the focus is the implementation of government pricing or guidance, both inside and outside the province affected 3A and above the scenic areas, scenic spots, tourist car prices, parking price publicity charges, in the scenic area and the surrounding areas directly to the tourism service the hotel, catering, travel agencies, tourist shopping goods and services price tag specification. According to statistics, in the first half of 2016, Guizhou received 257 million tourists from home and abroad, an increase of 39.2% compared to the same period last year, and realized total tourism revenue of 224 billion 135 million yuan, an increase of 41.1% over the same period last year.

贵州整治“天价”旅游 规范景区明码标   中新网贵阳9月26日电 26日在贵州省规范旅游景区明码标价专项行动电视电话会议上获悉,该省发展改革委、旅发委、公安厅、工商局、食药监局等多部门,即日起在全省主要旅游景区联合开展为期7个月的规范旅游景区明码标价专项行动。   近年来,全国多地的景区频繁曝出“天价鱼”、“天价虾”、“天价炕”等旅游消费“天价”事件,以及骗客宰客,看客要价,价格欺诈等旅游乱象,对旅游市场秩序和旅游产业发展造成严重影响。   “开展规范旅游景区明码标价专项行动,是加强旅游市场价格监管,排查、消除潜在的价格矛盾隐患,维护旅游市场价格秩序和助推贵州旅游业井喷式增长的重要措施。”贵州省发改委副主任徐元志表示,专项行动也将进一步加强旅游市场价格监管,规范旅游景区经营者的价格行为,提高旅游景区的明码标价率及价格公示质量,提升价格信息的透明度,净化旅游市场价格环境,保障旅游者的合法权益。   据了解,此次专项行动主要在贵州省内向旅游者开放的各类景区进行,重点是实行政府定价或指导价、省内外影响较大的3A及以上景区,对景区门票、观光车价格、停车场收费的价格公示,景区内和景区周边直接为旅游服务的酒店、餐饮、旅行社、旅游购物等行业商品和服务的明码标价进行规范。   据统计,2016年上半年,贵州省接待境内外游客2.57亿人次,同比增长39.2%;实现旅游总收入2241.35亿元,同比增长41.1%。相关的主题文章: