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Guide free practice pilot start visitors in the future can be "net about" tour guide – Sohu travel, according to Xinhua News Agency on the way to travel, how to check the tour guide is true or false? If you encounter a tour guide "Qike Zaike" or "compulsory consumption"? In the future, visitors through the network, mobile phones can check the end of the tour guide practice information, point of praise or complaints tour guide services. This is one of the important contents of the pilot free pilot practice. 24, 2009, the National Tourism Administration held a national tour guide system reform conference in Harbin, the national tour guide public service platform to start simultaneously. National Tourism Bureau responsible person, by carrying out the free tour guide practice pilot to establish a sound guide free practice management system and service standards, set up the national tour guide public service supervision platform, promote enterprises to establish a network reservation guide service platform, the establishment of tour guide from practice management and guarantee system, establish a sound guide to practice recording, on the tourist satisfaction guide the social evaluation system. It is reported that the tour guide free practice, including online free practice and the line free practice two ways. Online free practice refers to the tourists booking through the network platform, to provide the individual tourists booking according to the tour guide explain or guide service, and through the third party payment platform for practice guide service; line free practice refers to tourists through the tourism center, tourism consulting center, a scenic tourist service center and other institutions appointment, tour guide in accordance with the appointment to provide the individual tourists explain or guide services, and through the third party payment platform for practice guide service fee. At present, the National Tourism Bureau launched online guide free practice pilot in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, launched online and offline guide free practice pilot in Jilin and Zhangjiajie, Changbai Mountain, Hunan Changsha Guangxi Guilin, Hainan Sanya, Sichuan Chengdu and other places. Tour guide can be a good guide who wants to be a guide? Unreasonable prices or even "zero negative cost" as a cancer, has been plagued by tourism. The resulting forced tourists shopping or arrange to pay another project, greatly damaged the interests of consumers, so that visitors detest. "We also hope that visitors will be happy," said a tour guide, who has been asked to revoke the license for tourists to shop and increase their own attractions. To be a good tour guide, who is willing to ‘shopping guide’?" He told reporters that the previous tour is his personal travel agency to buy from. If tourists do not also own consumption, to lose a few hundred dollars per person. Can not be hard for a few days, but also their own money, so that even the basic life can not go on." Due to travel between the malignant price competition, to attract tourists with a price lower than the cost, can only rely on the two tour guides take visitors tour consumption to make up for the shortage, it is long-term since the industry an unspoken rule. Outbound travel is also true. Reporters learned that the majority of travel agencies before the tour guide mission, are required to pay the tour guide fee". The 30 mission to Europe as an example, the tour guide before departure must pay capitation "Hotel tax" and "city bus fee" nearly 40 thousand yuan. Rely on what to get the money back, is the tour guide in the trip to consider the first asked相关的主题文章: