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Tattoos Do you recognize who your Guardian Angel is? If you want to get the right Guardian Angel tattoo that means something to you first find out who your angel is. Once you figure out the day of the week you were born on, you will be able to figure out who your angel is. Be positive to choose a tattoo that is exclusive that en.passes your angel. Most people just choose generic tattoos and close up regretting them since they ditch the tattoo parlor not realizing that they will most likely see that similar tattoo on others. Here are the days of the week and their chosen angels. 1) Mondays Guardian Angel is St. Gabriel. Holding Gods covert messages, he was the one who told Daniel the close of the planet and annouced to the Virgin Mary how she would bear and be.e the mother of Jesus son of God. 2) Tuesdays Guardian Angel is St. Raphael. He is the Cherub of a Christians journey onto heaven and guides us in our search for true happiness. He provides us with the light to protect us from dangers that fall upon us on our crossing to heaven. His name means superior health and wealth which he brings to us on our crossing. 3) Wednesdays Guardian Angel is St. Uriel. He stands for divine justice with the weighing scale in his hand probing all the good and bad we do in relation to God. 4) Thursdays Guardian Angel is St. Sealtiel. The Guardian angel of contemplation and worship giving us the tools to conquer the evils of hedonism. Some of these may include drug dependence and taking life. 5) Fridays Guardian Angel is St. Jhudiel. Gods vessel of .passion. mercy is Gods love so we can make it through temptations and obtain forgiveness within life. This gives us grace for the mind and body. 6) Saturdays Guardian Angel is St. Barachiel. Barachiel is assigned to observe over Gods adopted children. He was instructed to care for them beside the choir of angels. 7) Sundays Guardian Angel is St. Michael. Michael is the .mander and chief of all the hierarchies of the heavenly hosts. He defeated Lucifer and his supporters in the first rebellion against God. He is connected with miracles and the almighty rule of God. These are your days of the week and their designated Guardian Angels. Now find out the day of the week your birth date falls on and you can get that Guardian Angel tattoo. Now that action is taken care of it is time to find unique tattoos, print them out and take them to your desired tattoo artist to reproduce. About the Author: Get All Your Tattoo Colours Removed Easily In Melbourne By: Edmund Brunetti – Laser tattoo removal is nothing new, but it has never really reached the ability to .pletely erase the fact that you had a tattoo. Tags: Now Find The Best Body Piercing School To Learn The Art By: Tattoo Institute – In the present day and age tattoo or piercing is huge must-have for people who feel the need to belong to a group they perceive are their peers. 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