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Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Fangzu station robbed equipment – Sohu JINGWAH News Times News (reporter Ma Jinfeng) Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection 21, informed that, after the Spring Festival holiday, discipline Fangzu visited Guangzhou, Foshan, Dongguan and other 13 cities in more than 50 government departments and offices of the window, not official issue carried out unannounced visits and exposure. 26 telephone calls were not huzhengke "lost" New Year’s day morning, in the town of Yunan County, Yunfu City, thousands of people to the police station, the police station to reflect unannounced visits in the accreditation deliberately. The masses lost the relevant receipt, took their own and his wife’s ID card to get his son’s credentials, the police actually asked the parties to prove that "I am my son’s father."". The police posted a Yunan County Public Security Bureau of household registration section of the telephone consultation, the 26 call, no answer. In the afternoon, the party came to the petition room of the County Public Security Bureau, and found the gate closed. From the picture taken by the mobile phone of the client, the office was empty, and there was a phone ringing all the time, but nobody answered it. Unannounced visits followed by the masses came to the petition room, the same door locked. The same staged "vacancy records" and Shanwei City Luhe county protects the town comprehensive management office. Unannounced visits to the group found that the unit door locked, waiting for half an hour still no one to work, call the office phone no answer. Shapa in Yangjiang County town of Yangjiang city administrative service center (convenience), health, agriculture, the floating population and rental window without staff, the town government, Congress Office, office, agricultural water management station, armed forces and other office and some did not open the door, have opened the door but nobody, many office only one person in. On duty, playing games, make-up ask, "how", in addition, some units although most of the staff have been in place, but some cadres are still in a lazy state. The beginning of September February 16th 11:10, Fangzu in Yangjiang City Public Security Bureau police station Yangdong County Hongfeng found the alarm at 3 staff are playing mobile phone. "How do you 3 play mobile phones here?"" One of them replied with dissatisfaction: "what about playing with mobile phones?"" Another officer in plain clothes rushed up to grab the equipment for the undercover personnel. Fangzu also found in Chaoan District of Chaozhou City Bureau of education, staff gathered in the Bureau of Finance shares tea and smoking; in Maoming City Public Security Bureau police station before the alarm at the Maonan branch, the auxiliary police are playing mobile phone games; in Yangjiang County of Yangjiang City Branch shapa town comprehensive administrative law enforcement, a large group of workers are sitting in chat together, in the red Fengzhen Yangdong County Public Service Center is only one person in the office, and is holding a mirror makeup.

广东省纪委暗访组派出所内遭抢设备-搜狐新闻  京华时报讯(记者马金凤)广东省纪委21日通报称,春节假期后,纪委暗访组走访了广州、佛山、东莞等13个地市50多个政府部门和办事窗口,对“为官不为”问题进行了暗访和曝光。   26次电话均不通户政科“失联”   大年初八上午,在云浮市郁南县千官镇派出所,有群众向暗访人员反映派出所民警在办证时故意刁难。群众因遗失相关回执,拿着自己及妻子的身份证去取儿子的证件,民警竟然要当事人证明“我是我儿子的爸爸”。当事人打派出所张贴的郁南县公安局户政科的电话咨询,打了26个电话,没人接听。当天下午,当事人来到县公安局信访室,发现大门紧闭。从当事人手机拍摄的画面来看,办公室空无一人,里面不断有电话响,但一直没人接。暗访人员随后跟随群众来到信访室,同样大门紧锁。   同样上演“空岗记”的还有汕尾市陆河县上护镇综治办。暗访组发现,该单位大门紧锁,等待了半个小时仍没人上班,拨打办公电话无人接听。在阳江市阳江县沙扒镇行政(便民)服务中心,计生、农办、流动人口与出租屋窗口没有工作人员,镇政府、人大办、农业办、水利管理站、武装部等办公室有的没开门,有的开了门却没人,很多办公室只有一个人在。   值班玩游戏化妆反问“又怎样”   此外,有的单位虽然大部分工作人员已到位,但有些干部仍处在懒散状态。   2月16日大年初九11点10分,暗访组在阳江市公安局阳东县分局红丰派出所发现,接警处有3名工作人员正在玩手机。暗访人员询问:“你们3个人怎么在这里玩手机?”其中一人不满地回答:“玩手机又怎么样?”另一个穿便衣的工作人员冲了上来,伸手就抢夺暗访人员的拍摄设备。   暗访组还发现,在潮州市潮安区教育局,多名工作人员聚集在该局计财股喝茶抽烟;在茂名市公安局茂南分局站前派出所,接警处的辅警正在玩手机游戏;在阳江市阳江县沙扒镇综合行政执法分局,一大群工作人员正围坐在一起聊天,在阳东县红丰镇公共服务中心只有一个人在办公,而且正在拿着镜子化妆。相关的主题文章: