Guangdong Oprah suspected fraud about fifty million Chen Weicong denied the charges of cultural reli

Guangdong Oprah alleged fraud in the about fifty million cultural relics Chen Weicong denied the charges in the trial, Chen Weicong denied all the charges. (Photo by Luo Weixiong) – the new express reporter Zhou Cong Guangdong Oprah, active in the 20 year of the Guangdong TV host Chen Weicong Cantonese stalls event. In September 22nd last year, Chen Weicong was due to the sale of antique police investigation. Not long ago, the public security authorities believe that Chen Weicong suspected cultural relics fraud, transferred to the prosecution, involving more than 220 million yuan. At 10 yesterday morning, the Guangdong related "Mingzui" of fraud by the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s court in Panyu Shawan court hearing. However, after the prosecution of all the evidence of the case, the final verification of the amount of suspected fraud Chen Weicong 55 million 623 thousand and 500 yuan, and thus brought to the court prosecution. Chen Weicong denies all charges in court. He had "Qianlong kiln bowl of wine" Chen Weicong, born in 1964, native of Guangzhou. Although only high school culture, but does not hinder his pursuit of business. As Guangdong "Mingzui", he won the national "golden microphone" award, this is the highest honor of radio and TV presenters, as well as the national 100 excellent radio and TV presenters honorary title. In recent years, Chen Weicong’s identity of collectors is also attracting more and more attention, also claimed to be "Christie’s, Sotheby’s heavyweight auction hidden deep VIP". Express reporter learned that Chen Weicong does have a hobby antique collection, antique collection 20 years. In media reports, "his bowl of wine, Qianlong kiln in Ming Dynasty huanghuali painting on the old tea drink, lying in bed listening to Beethoven in the Qing Dynasty rosewood arhat". He has publicly said in an interview with local media, his collection "after years of poly, has considerable precision, so even a friend encouraged him to build a private museum. In his book, he published nearly 70 books from mid Ming to mid qing. He has also met many of the readme scam, can even write a "trick" Encyclopedia, especially antique experts involved in fraud. Surprisingly, Chen Weicong also faced a day of trial, but also with the relevant cultural relics. The auction is illegal possession from fraud, according to the prosecutor accused the defendant Chen Weicong, October 2012, Du Wanfen and his wife Qu Zhancong, commissioned by the victim, in Guangzhou Huayi International Auction Co. Ltd. 2012 autumn auction, price of 616 thousand yuan to take out Yong Zheng Fencai fukurokuju Samsung bottle a map. The defendant Chen Weicong Yong Zheng Qing fiction pastel fukurokuju Samsung figure bottle auction price of 1 million 500 thousand yuan in the Samsung six, Moutai map bottles and four boxes of Budweiser wine to the wife of Du Wanfen, by Du Wanfen and his wife to pay the auction money 1 million 737 thousand and 280 yuan, 884 thousand yuan for Du Wanfen couples from. In December 2013, Chen Weicong in Guangzhou Huayi International Auction Co. Ltd. in the winter of 2013 auction, price of 159 thousand and 330 yuan to take yuan Longquan Jiao plastic market, a dragon old liquor tank two, the price to 336 thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: