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God will play | 12 local tourism in Russia had to go and 11 will eat the delicacy Tourism – Sohu dressed in white is not prince, may also be like the sun power?! Has been on the road chasing the sun, but accidentally let myself become the sun, so happy ah ~ Sina was awarded the V influence tourism summit live V trophy, also let the power get more power, go farther, do a real common food wide free people work harder and harder! Thank you every year, accompanied by readers together. The highest value of Yan Shenwei Globetrotters, Chibian world best-selling author, the pursuit of the ultimate enjoyment by. Also a TV presenter, radio DJ, Logis Le Relais Gourmand columnist. The author of "one day, I met the world", "go! While youth and dreams are still there, "enjoying Europe", etc.. Sina micro-blog: @ Shenwei Youku: Global traveler Shenwei live account number: 42810020 – – – – – Russia as the world’s largest country, Russia is rich in tourism resources. Moscow’s Red Square, the magnificent Moscow Kremlin, St Petersburg’s Winter Palace and Summer Palace and other attractions, is already known to the world. Only when you stand in the once many times over in the ears name place, feel the local life, if can in exuberant autumn, catch a autumn festival festival, you will know: winter long let the Russians full of love for nature, they don’t see a decent looking serious in speech and manner in fact, they all have the impulse, with music and dance to express their passion for life. Beautiful decoration historic epic of the European Art Gallery of train travel surge high and sweep forward the fairy tale of architectural style of the Orthodox Church vodka lighted nightlife looking ahead is full of high value beauty Yan let you at a glance for dumping ready for starting it together to Russia. The 12 place is not miss it Krasnaya Ploshchad ~? Moscow Red Square Red Square is the famous square in Moscow, is Russia rally and parade. Each of the visitors arrived in Moscow, entered the Red Square will always feel the excitement of Moscow Kremlin, the towering spires of the Cathedral of Saint Vasily of dazzling colors, playful National History Museum, the majesty of the red brick, and Gumu state department store beautiful buildings, all around a large mosaic cobbled ground. A single building is impressive, but when they are together, it is beautiful and breathtaking. Address: Red Square in Moscow (keuler increased and kappa alpha, kappa, alpha PI. C from the first part are from pgfla to die) traffic: the subway station (in the hunter firm is from, from allus, were in the first part to the revolution Square Station (n) or pi from. The die has been a PI. Tse.png me me off English elixir) Name: Red Squar!相关的主题文章: