Getting Married On The Beach In The Outer Banks-borderland

Travel-and-Leisure Far from the buzz of the interstates and the smog of the cities are the small coastal towns of North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Traditionally a string of fishing villages, the Outer Banks of North Carolina hold some of the most treasured moments for its visitors. Over the last decade, it has be.e a premiere destination in the state for weddings as more and more people desire unspoiled scenery in a tranquil environment. The lure of sand between toes and the smell of salt in the air has led more and more people to the many outer banks wedding venues available for use. For anyone wanting a picturesque backdrop that rivals tropical destinations throughout the globe, a North Carolina beach wedding can be created to fit almost any budget. The Sand Dunes of Kitty Hawk Home of the world’s first manned flight, the dunes of Kitty Hawk may at first look like a destination in Saharan Africa. With some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, a North Carolina beach wedding at Kitty Hawk gives one a three hundred and sixty degree view of the ocean and sound. A wedding late in the day will make for breathtaking pictures as the sun sinks just below the horizon lighting up the waters and grasses of the soundside marsh. Kitty Hawk is an Outer Banks wedding venue that will surely please even the most discriminating of tastes. The Seclusion of Cape Point While attaining the label of the top surf fishing destination in the world, Cape Point may be one of the most secluded beach wedding destinations in the world. It is located one-quarter of a mile off of Lighthouse Road and is only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles. However, Cape Point may possibly be the most romantic destination in all of North Carolina simply due to its symbolism. Cape Point is the easternmost point in the US and juts out into the Atlantic Ocean like an arrowhead. At this location, currents from northern coastlines as well as southern shores meet and give life to one of the most abundant marine environments in the world. Pictures taken from the south beach looking north could capture the entire wedding party, the coalescing waters of the point, and the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in the background. Will an OBX Wedding Break the Bank Outer Banks wedding venues are practically free of charge to use. Because the shores are located in the national park, one may have to pay a small usage fee although it should not be more than a few dollars. The only expenses one will accrue are those for lodging. However, beach houses of five bedrooms or more can be had for very reasonable prices with rates for luxury homes less than $1000 per week. For a destination wedding that is both beautiful and affordable, the Outer Banks should not be overlooked. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: