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Get 90 million A round of wisdom mixed cloud platform, how to make money by SMEs? Sohu science and technology in October 31st, China logistics hybrid cloud platform only intelligence information technology Limited by Share Ltd announced the completion of 90 million A round of financing. This round of financing by the joint investment, create Albert far wing investment, Mindspeed Wong fund. CEO Chen Menghuai said that the financing will be used for product development, personnel recruitment and marketing three aspects. Due to good cash flow, for the next round of financing, there is no urgent wisdom of the timetable. "But does not rule out the short term there will be some mergers and acquisitions within the industry, we still want to be able to distance competitors." Chen Menghuai said. Zhi Zhi was founded in 2001, the core products include two kinds of cloud storage and transportation. Covering retail sales, manufacturing, medicine, electricity providers, cold chain, automotive, high-tech and other seven industries. The main purpose of the mixed cloud strategy is to get through the private cloud and public cloud to achieve cooperation between large enterprises and smes. At present, only 50 large enterprises in the service of wisdom, including Jingdong, WAL-MART, Unilever, Amazon, Foxconn and other enterprises, SMEs reached more than 400. Chen Menghuai hope in the next 2-3 years, the number of services can be extended to 3000 companies. CEO Chen Menghuai said: "the ‘hybrid cloud’ strategy can help large enterprises more clear understanding of logistics information and their own business, and lower prices for small enterprises to enjoy similar services, at present, for small and medium-sized enterprises in charge of 1 yuan, is the general business can afford." Pull new users, the only wisdom to take up and down strategy. For large shippers or large customers, is the main way from top to bottom. For example, a large customer of WAL-MART, you can own business related to a dozen small and medium enterprises pulled to the Gong Youyun platform, this way the cost is very low." Chen Menghuai said, on the other hand, the wisdom of the city held a forum to reach hundreds of small and medium enterprises, in order to more reasonable rental prices, you can let them enjoy similar services and large enterprises." As for the enterprise service platform, the user’s stickiness is relatively secure, only the wisdom of the user purchase rate of about 90%. Large customers behind the "risk" in spite of Unilever, WAL-MART, Amazon, such a big customer, but the customer’s payment cycle is relatively long, may be a burden to the cash flow. 2014, only the net profit of only 400 thousand of the year, while the hybrid cloud strategy is put forward that year. It can be found that the introduction of small and medium enterprises, but also conducive to intelligence sharing risk. According to vtradex company released the first half of 2016 earnings, net cash flow from operating activities was -1130 million, representing a decrease of 4 million 120 thousand yuan, mainly due to a substantial increase in sales revenue and accounts receivable recovery is lagging behind, resulting in vendor products, services received cash increase lower than the sales revenue the growth rate over the same period last year. In order to cope with large customers may default costs, only the wisdom will collection, recovery of the purchase price as sales personnel.相关的主题文章: