Geng Le the hiding one by one into the martial arts – fixing poetic entertainment Sohu winavi

Geng Le "the" hiding one by one into the poetry of martial arts – fixing Geng Le "hide" the entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news recently, directed by Xu Haofeng’s "hide" the martial arts movie released a set of photos in the photo of Geng Le green, "Lang uncle Geng Le holding a broadsword wielding, full of momentum; and on the other a but long hair like stills uninhibited" crazy primitive man ", his firm, peerless master feeling out, let the audience have strong expectations for the film, users have a message, I hope as soon as possible and Geng Le in the poetic martial arts Xu guide" river lake ". Geng Le said with a smile to subvert the star with Xu Qing in the melee in the movie "the nervous hide", Geng Le’s "two fort" in a corner of the identity and skills are very mysterious, but he also said: "this character completely subvert my previous works, but as long as there is fresh, can make a deep impression on the audience, I willing to try." Talk about cooperation and play Xu Qing and Xu Qing, he said there are many melee drama, Xu Haofeng and director of the "authenticity" makes him very nervous, afraid to hurt Xu Qing. This gentleman’s attitude of people look forward to the movie "wild wild" he. Geng Le art collision martial spirit recruit real fun about martial arts movies, general audience may think of hanging WIA "play tricks" or stunt. But Geng Le admitted that the "hiding" in every form is clear, he did not suffer less in the studio. He is strict with himself, often in the rest of the time to ask the teacher Daofa and action. At the end of a crank up the play, in the studio, carrying a Bing broadsword stand on mountains "Geng Le said:" don’t give up Xu Hao Feng director made the dream world, don’t give up his martial arts."相关的主题文章: