Gao Yuanyuan Liu Shishi ” side ear lotion ” hair beauty cry dew ear was not significant fa

Gao Yuanyuan Liu Shishi " side ear lotion " hair beauty cry dew ear didn’t show your usual hair will face the ears? Now the most fashionable way to comb hair is to expose an ear, the achievement of your side"! Many female stars are killed this stunt side Yan ~: exposed ears on this full screen is the "goddess" and "small fresh" era, of course there are many high yen value players, while the side is Yan Yan Zhao identification value 360° weapon no dead, kill the side Yan technique is to reveal a only the ears! " side Yan ear " hair like poetry, such as this, one side of the hair is different from the ear, the other side of the hair naturally hanging in front of the chest, is a beautiful cry of the " side Yan ear "! Liu Shishi’s poems are almost every appearance of " lotion; side ear " other side, Yan circle powder good-looking stop, " lotion; side ear " number number. Liu Shishi @Chanel audio party to participate in the electronic music rock party, is combing the " side Yan ear " hairstyle, stylish and elegant. Click to play GIF 280K Liu Shishi @Chanel music party with one ear and hair as a whole more levels, more beautiful, elegant and lively. ~ Liu Shishi even at the airport street, is " side ear " lotion; hair, hair left in the ear, with an ear, a perfect face line. 2016 Liu Shishi Yang Mi Zhao Liying on the same stage bazaar Charity Night hair who is the most beautiful? Gao Yuanyuan Gao Yuanyuan is the sister of a heavyweight O heart "side Yan kill" goddess, simply took the side of the hair on the back of ear, youthful and seductive! Gao Yuanyuan was covered in one ear and the other side was completely exposed! The goddess Gao Yuanyuan with " lotion; side ear " hair, put on a "touch tail kill", there is no elegant feeling overwhelmed! Goddess a bow, we will be drunk, and this is the real side Yan kill, dew ear hair good-looking no friends! Yuan Shanshan put on short hair, revealing his ears, no longer afraid of being black! Yuan Shanshan Yuan Shanshan’s side " dew ear " hair smooth and clean, beautiful fashion sense collocation brown hat, the earring hat exposed is also very eye-catching! Michelle Chen has a small partner to worry about revealing an ear, will not appear a big face? Look at Michelle Chen, you know, a small volume of LOB short hair, the hair in the ear side, and did not enlarge the face profile. The other side of the hair naturally fall down, but you can modify the face! Song Jia although Song Jia is now cut short hair (do not live rhythm…) But the goddess before the long hair appearance shape are very professional " lotion; side ear " soft, show side Yan kill, elegant fashion queen. Miranda · Kerr (Miranda Kerr) asymmetric LOB" goddess kurhn’s side; dew ear ", sexy and elegant. Miranda · kerr.相关的主题文章: