Futian gamma invites you to September at Weifang Fuhua road show together www.cpew.cn

Futian. Invite you to watch in September by Weifang Fuhua auto show for twenty years, is a sufficient from freshman to maturity twenty years is enough to grow suddenly to dream of strong accumulation, Futian Automobile has accompanied with you for 20 years and we shook the business we have, at the Mount Everest base camp today. Beijing Futian petro way automobile road is open colorful dream hope in the next 20 years to give you more companionship that we persist for many years has quietly practicing dream it is reported that Beijing Futian gamma way car at the 2016 Weifang auto show Fu autumn. Many manufacturers competing exhibitors, Beijing Futian gamma way car to use its unique advantages are fully equipped for big brands, high quality, intelligent, high color value, super configuration, large space, high safety, carrying all the models unveiled. The way IX high value Yan star face gamma IX path, you are the "gamma V5 path" is really a mighty "gamma" household contact, "police" love "Internet plus" characteristics of Beijing Futian gamma transit is a popular car brand with a new generation of "Internet plus" traits, which belongs to the Futian automobile. The headquarters is located in Beijing Changping District, Futian Automobile production by global R & D center, Beijing headquarters base, industry standard 4 manufacturing base composed of automobile enterprise group, has a staff of nearly ten thousand people, to create intelligent and delicate way of life for the global user family car. Intelligent ecological system of Beijing Futian gamma transit positioning in the smart family car, represents the integration of science and technology and intelligent Internet in the future of the car, the target market for passenger cars China precision lock strong demand for most of the large family car market. In the Futian Automobile Internet car ecosystem "basis, to meet the needs of individual users oriented, network information system, OTD order system and intelligent manufacturing system based on customized mass production methods, to achieve the R & D, manufacturing, marketing force and brand power increasing, the maximum extent possible to meet the consumer demand for large family. The background of the global R & D technology following the 2015 Beijing Futian gamma gamma V3 and transit way car launch way gamma V5 two large minivan models, by Foton global R & D center adhering to Japanese excellence concept cars and the integration of global automotive technology research and development, to create a global market for passenger cars – Transit ix5 and transit ix7 gamma gamma. You have heart dark Xu? On September 2nd -4 in Weifang Fuhua auto show and the Beijing Futian gamma way car about it! Models the huge benefits, enjoy the value of multiple high ceremony, more live smashing golden egg choudaijiang surprise experience! Car Buying won 100% awards, the promotional efforts to surprise you, still longing to the car, do it quickly!相关的主题文章: