From the performance of the child to see the shortcomings of parents, shocked a lot of people! Sohu adobe gamma

From the performance of the child to see the shortcomings of parents, shocked a lot of people! Sohu today is your mother, the children of tomorrow, you call the children today, don’t blame him for you tomorrow; today you children are impatient, don’t blame him tomorrow for your impatience; today you training children as well as others, don’t blame him tomorrow because of you as well as others powerful parents your children everywhere; demanding perfection, don’t blame him for inferiority cowardly; you used to scold the child, don’t blame him for advocating violence or servile; your own boundary is not clear, don’t blame his irresponsible. Therefore, the true education should be a practice, is the child’s pure, selfless, smart washing psychological process of adult impetuous, skill, arrogant. Good education, parents should be through the child this mirror, and constantly find themselves, self correction, self excavation, and I used to do a demonstration and model for the children. We are in the process of education, met a better self. 1, if your child likes to blame others, because you usually criticize him too much. 2, if your child likes to complain all the time, because you always find fault with him. 3, if your child likes confrontation, because you are hostile to him and forced. 4, if your child is not good enough, because you are a lack of compassion. 5. If your child is timid and shy, it is because he is often mocked and abused. 6, if your child does not tell you the truth, because you talk to catch the child, dig up. 7, if your child does not distinguish between right and wrong, because you are autocratic, did not give children the opportunity to think independently and. 8, if your child is very low self-esteem, because you are always disappointed with the child, can not be patient to encourage. 9, if your child jealous, sensitive, afraid of injury, because his family is not tolerant and warm. 10, if your child does not like themselves, because you lack of acceptance, recognition and respect for him. 11, if your child does not progress, not hard, because you ask him too much he can not do. 12, if your child is selfish, because you are too spoiled him, what to give. 13, if your children don’t understand parents painstakingly, is because you do not have to teach him to understand others. 14, if your child back, escape, because of your contempt and blow. 15. If your child is lazy and dependent, it is because you are doing too much for your child. 16, if you are controlled by the child, because you do not dare to discipline, always begging children. 17, if your child lie, lie, because you are not tolerant, like punishment for children. 18, if your child is cold, attacking others, because you are too much for his sarcasm and cold. 19. If your child is violent, it is because you use violence to deal with your child’s problems. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baoma.相关的主题文章: