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From "pioneer" watch core team turnover will no longer be why watch watch recently, Blizzard personnel turbulence constantly heard the news. The first is the creative director, senior art designer, game script designer, created a "Warcraft", "StarCraft", "Diablo", "World of Warcraft", working at Blizzard 20 years veteran Chris Mason, announced his retirement; and former chief creative director Robert Pardo suddenly announced that the VC and Riot Games (Tencent) Investment Co, a group of veteran Blizzard to create a new game studio (bonfire); again today rumors "main members watch pioneer" creative team join Epic (US) as the new product development of the company. Related reading: parting gift! Blizzard will announce the departure of Chris Amai, the main theme of the statue of, Blizzard’s chief designer, Craig? Inventory of those out of the storm from the genius designer and leave? Blizzard Entertainment Development Director James Waugh left Epic story (US) LOGO and whether the rumors are true, but as overlord level global game industry fully deserve, Blizzard often writing explosion spread core creative departure, both inside and outside the industry seems to have become a loved practice. Part of the marketing event excluding Blizzard Entertainment speculation, it is not difficult to find, the recurring core leaving old stems, often ten is six or seven. This can not help but wonder, what happened to Blizzard? Rob Pardo from the original 2009 Blizzard North three, one of the giants of the "Diablo 2" founder Marx, Eve, because the "Diablo 3" creative design ideas and other giant Blizzard disagreement, angrily left the rune Creation Studio launched the "torch light", Rob Pardo left the blizzard now dormant establishment the bonfire Studios 2 years later, to create their own game kingdom, then to rumors of normalizing nowadays "watch" pioneer creative staff quit Epic (United States) leading the new game product development, it is not difficult to find the law. Marx, Yves there is no doubt that the industry giants have made in Blizzard’s success is Blizzard’s victory, as well as being a personal victory for practitioners. However, the peak of the mountain is often the beginning of a series of problems, such as the successful sequel R & D rights and interests assignment ideas conflict, achieved initial success after the conflict, the master would be extremely Ling lonely and so on. However, the game itself is not only the "culture + Art + business" complex, which also incorporates a lot of creative people’s dreams and ideas, making the game industry is not just a simple product production and sales. In the complex environment under the influence of multiple elements, "watch" pioneer creative job Epic (USA), rumors may be the inevitable outcome of the development of inertial blizzard. Blizzard LOGO currently "watch pioneer" integrity peak, once the challenge and surpass "hero alliance", are likely to sit on the throne of the first e-sports games. Blizzard then climb the peak, it will be placed on the creative team of critical point of company development cycle cycle. It is not difficult to imagine, creative group.相关的主题文章: