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UnCategorized Foyle’s War is a British detective series that uses England during WWII as a backdrop for the adventures of Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, played by Michael Kitchen. This series was originally aired in Britain on ITV in 19 episodes that ran from 95 to 100 minutes. When .mercials were added, it filled a two hour time slot, making each episode a full length feature. Each episode stands alone as a separate film, though some minor elements tie them all together, Foyle’s relationship with his son who is a pilot in the RAF for example. Like most classic detectives, Foyle has his own unique style for solving crimes. In several episodes, he ends up at odds with some highly ranked officers in military intelligence who be.e un.fortable when some of Foyle’s investigations lead him too close to some of their pet projects. Getting to the heart of the matter, no matter whom he offends, is one of the trade marks of Foyle and his two sidekicks, driver Samantha "Sam" Stewart, and Detective Sergeant Paul Milner (Honeysuckle Weeks and Anthony Howell). Solving the crimes, while maintaining the British trademark stiff upper lip, makes these characters very interesting. The character of Christopher Foyle has been .pared to the famous television detective Columbo in the US. Though he does it without the trench coat, Foyle keeps picking at the details until the whole scenario unravels and the case is solved. The creator of Foyle’s War, Anthony Horowitz, is responsible for writing most of the episodes of the series. When the series first began, it was his goal to honor the veterans of WWII by making the settings and events in the series as historically accurate as possible. Some anachronisms were unavoidable, such as the Hastings harbor arm which was not built until after the war had been over for several years. Later into the series, Horowitz focused his writing more on the historical fact and portrayal of life on the "Home Front" than on the mystery and plots aspect of the detective series. Foyle’s War is aired in the US on the PBS network with no .mercials. It was given only a ninety minute time slot, so fans in the US miss several minutes of each episode due to editing. The series is also available on DVD in six distinct series (similar to seasons in American television). The first three series each have four episodes with each episode on its own disc. The fourth and fifth series’ only had two episodes each. In America, these were .bined and marketed as the fourth series with the sixth being sold as series five. This fifth/sixth series has three episodes. Production of Foyle’s War was halted in Britain when the production costs became too much for the producers to handle. .work executives are currently negotiating with Horowitz and Greenlit Production to try and revive the program after huge increases in ratings with the final episode. If they are successful in bringing it back, it is unclear whether the original series will continue with Foyle’s adventures following the end of the war or a spinoff will be created. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: