Foreign media said Chinese frequency to consolidate the status of the world’s second brightest

Foreign media said Chinese frequency to consolidate the status of the world’s second brightest tricks not Langdexuming data figure: China Navy USS Liaoning Reference News Network February 23 daily Dawsey media said, in recent years, China in various economic, diplomatic, military, regional and global influence and other aspects of international rapid deployment. To tell you the truth, the deployment of a lot of fields started at a very low starting point, and the whole international deployment is also quite unstable. China’s road to consolidate its international status is still full of reefs and risks, from the United States to China’s domestic risks, and so on. The United States as the world’s sole superpower but Chinese frequently flashed above suspicion doubt, their second wave world power status is not its name. The Chinese Communist Party’s foreign policy has changed as well as in many other areas, according to the February 21st article on the Spanish uprising newspaper website. The article says, Deng Xiaoping leads China to carry on capitalist type "reform"". At that time, China had the advantage of becoming a great power: having an atomic bomb and becoming a permanent member of the Security Council with veto power. Beijing also has a long cherished wish, which is to break all isolation and blockade. China’s rapid entry into the world economy is not without danger. The conditions for joining the IMF are very good for multinational corporations, and the government has to avoid new colonialism at home. Relations with the United States remain tense. As an emerging country, China faces the dilemma of imperialism or being a vassal state. All powers must first be a military power, protecting their own interests in the world. Therefore, China’s military doctrine has undergone profound changes. In the Mao Zedong era, the army was the key. At the moment, the navy is the key, and with the Navy’s protection, China can project its strength abroad. Experts at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute believe that China is also building a maritime military power while carrying out regional maritime trade and protecting China’s interests outside the region. The article said that the Chinese leadership did not hide their ambitions, in September 3rd last year, in the victory of the Anti Japanese War 70th anniversary held a parade, display military strength, attracted the attention of neighboring countries. The reform of China’s armed forces is also in progress, even far from the end, but the results are remarkable. China has become the second largest military country in the world, with an aircraft carrier purchased from Ukraine, and another vessel is being built. At the same time, China has developed the Dongfeng -21D anti-ship ballistic missile, which is specially designed to deal with the threat of aircraft carriers to develop missiles to combat maritime mobile targets. Chinese troops have participated in numerous UN peacekeeping operations, especially in Africa, and they are accumulating experience. China is involved in joint action against piracy, and its warships are now patrolling the Gulf of Aden and east coast of africa. The decision to build China’s first overseas military base in Djibouti has been made and the project started. China is becoming a premier diplomatic power and has played a positive role in recent climate negotiations or negotiations on Afghanistan, the article said. As the second largest economic country in the world, China’s status in international organizations is constantly strengthening. The RMB enters the IMF basket of special drawing rights, while China is building.

外媒称中国频亮奇招巩固地位 世界第二并非浪得虚名 资料图:中国海军辽宁号航空母舰   参考消息网2月23日报道 西媒称,近年来,中国在经济、外交、军事、地区和全球影响力等各个方面都进行了快速的国际部署。说实话,很多领域的部署是从很低的起点开始的,而整个国际部署也还相当不稳定。中国巩固自己国际地位的道路依然充满暗礁和风险,从美国的反制到中国国内的风险,不一而足。美国作为全球唯一超级大国的地位无可置疑,但中国频频亮出奇招,它的世界第二大国地位并非浪得虚名。   据西班牙《起义报》网站2月21日文章,像在很多其他领域那样,中共的外交政策也发生了改变。   文章称,邓小平引领中国进行了资本主义式的“改革”。那时中国已具备了成为大国的有利条件:拥有了原子弹,成为安理会具有否决权的常任理事国。北京还有一个夙愿,那就是打破一切孤立和封锁。   中国迅速闯入世界经济并非毫无危险。加入国际货币基金组织的条件是非常有利于跨国公司的,政府不得不避免国内出现新殖民主义。与美国的关系依然紧张。作为新兴国家,中国面对实行帝国主义还是甘做附庸国的两难抉择。   所有大国必须首先是军事强国,保护自己在全世界的利益。因此中国的军事学说已发生了深刻变化。毛泽东时代,陆军是关键。而在当下,海军是关键,有了海军的护卫,中国可以将实力投射到境外。斯德哥尔摩国际和平研究所的专家认为,中国在进行地区海上贸易和保护全球化中国的地区外利益的同时,也在建设海上军事强国。   文章称,中国领导层没有隐藏自己的雄心,去年9月3日在抗日战争胜利70周年之际举行了大阅兵,展示军力,引起邻国关注。中国的军队改革也在进行中,甚至远未结束,但成果显著。中国已成为世界第二军事大国,拥有从乌克兰购买的航空母舰,而且正在建造另一艘。同时中国研制了东风-21D反舰弹道导弹,这是专门为应对航母威胁而研制的打击海上移动目标的导弹。   中国军队参加了无数次联合国的维和行动,尤其是在非洲,正在积累经验。中国参与打击海盗的联合行动,现在它的战舰正在亚丁湾和非洲东海岸巡逻。在吉布提建立中国首个海外军事基地的决定已经作出并且开始工程建设。   文章称,中国正在成为一流的外交大国,在最近的气候谈判或者阿富汗问题谈判中都发挥了积极作用。作为世界第二经济大国,中国在国际组织中的地位不断加强。人民币进入国际货币基金组织特别提款权货币篮子,与此同时中国在建设自己的国际金融机构,不少国家不顾美国的反对加入了中国倡导建立的亚投行。   文章称,中国领导层正在全球推行“丝绸之路经济带”和“21世纪海上丝绸之路”,将充分依靠中国与有关国家既有的双边或多边机制,借助既有的、行之有效的区域合作平台,推进投资和贸易,为中国开辟新战场。相关的主题文章: