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Foreign media: China intending to strengthen Sino Indian Relations to promote the cooperation of Xuanzang deeds in India Bihar shooting Nalanda site. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zheng Huansong photo original title: foreign media: Chinese trying to take advantage of Xuan Zang deeds strengthen Sino Indian Relations and promote cooperation foreign media said, in seventh Century China pilgrims, monk Xuan Zang was a traveller and historian known to every family in india. According to the "India Hindu" website reported on November 2nd, a public event China Consulate General in Calcutta decided to held here, the story to explain the profound relationship between Xuanzang China and India over the past 1400 years, with a focus on "cooperation". Reported that the next week, the "Xuan Zang and Sino Indian friendship exchanges," the theme of the seminar will explore the role of the philosopher in strengthening Sino Indian relations. The event jointly organized by the Consulate General of China Embassy in Calcutta and the University of nalanda. Consul general Ma Zhanwu said that India and China have a long history of "common interests" and that it is time to discuss this common interest. Ma Zhanwu told the India newspaper: "we should not look at differences and ignore common interests, and should not ignore the possibility of cooperation. We hold this seminar to convey this message to the people of India." Beginning in 630 ad, Xuan Zang entered India in Central Asia, Iran and afghanistan. During his 14 years in India, he traveled from north to East and spent several years in Bihar. At Nalanda University, Xuanzang to communicate with students and scholars, master the local language, and found a pagoda. Ma Zhanwu said: "he was invited to stay at Nalanda, but he left the book, he described in detail and China the origin of Buddhism in India in seventh Century. The seminar will focus on the great contribution of the two ancient civilizations." Experts and scholars in the study of ancient Chinese history, Buddhist philosophy and archaeology, including Professor Marx of the University of Cardiff, will take part in the seminar. Nalanda University vice president Gopal Saba Val and the University of Delhi history department director Bupindele Singh will speak at the conference. Reported that a lot of places related to the Xuan has yet to be developed. The Research Institute of Archaeology Jayanth Val consulate is headquartered in Bihar and Patna under government coordination, joint research on pagoda. (compile Liu Xiaoyan) source: reference message editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: