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Foreign media attention China Ecological Immigration: the government do everything possible to rescue the news – Miao Miao village Sohu. (the "New York Times" website) reference news network October 31 news media said, Chinese has been subjected to the continued degradation of land as well as the impact of climate model deterioration, including drought in northern china. However, the massive population resettlement has brought its own profound problems. According to the "New York Times" website reported on October 25th, Chinese government put about 7000 Muslim residents relocation from lack of water in the Northwest Chinese land to Miao Miao village, village doctor Ma Shiliang family is one of them, Dr. Ma said, officials promised "we will become rich". However, the people who used to graze sheep and goats in the vast hilly area now feel like being surrounded by animals, with no energy and no confidence in their future. "If we know here is what kind of words, we will not come," the 41 year old Ma said the doctor, moved three years later, he has been unable to in the temple village doctor, did not find other work reliably. Chinese described them as "ecological migrants": the government in response to climate change, residential industrialization, bad policy and pressure of human activities on the land of 329 thousand people, moved to 161 built hastily in the village. They are the government of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region ecological migration and poverty alleviation plan the placement of the fifth dial, previously, the plan has been the relocation of 1 million 140 thousand residents, Ningxia is the ancient Silk Road through the place, there are many mosques and dunes, camel. Han Jinlong, deputy director of the Ningxia poverty alleviation and Development Office of the Immigration Department said that although a few waves before and did not explicitly say that the ecological migration, but they are also due to the relocation of desertification more serious. This is the world’s largest environmental migration project. Reported that China under long term drought and other natural and man-made disasters in Ningxia and several other provinces are doing things that are threatened, including the United States, the world’s governments may take action on climate change and it is estimated that in the next few decades, climate change will force millions people leave their homes. It is reported that, as in most parts of northern China, the vast majority of Ningxia desert, including the resettlement area. Government officials said, compared with the central and southern Ningxia the Xihaigu area (MA and other immigrants are from there to move out of the temple, the Temple Lake) such place is an improvement, because these immigrants village near the highway, near the Ningxia capital of Yinchuan, is closer to the Yellow River. The Yellow River is one of the main sources of Chinese civilization. Although the poor Xihaigu area quite distant, but at least from the last century since 80s, the central government began to care about this area, the land area officials about how many people can survive the severe problems submitted a series of reports. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of land and Resources recently estimated that the region could maintain only 1 million 300 thousand people, compared with about 2 million 300 thousand in 2014. "The government has decided to move the population out because the land there is not keeping them alive,""相关的主题文章: