Finland pilot national basic income per person will be issued 4200 yuan per month – Sohu news footman

The Finland trial universal basic income per person per month will be issued 4200 yuan of Sohu – "Global Times" quoted by the Swiss News "Basel daily" said 26 test plans in September 9th before the public consultation after the official determination. Swiss "business daily" said, after the Finland government had revealed that with the implementation of the plan, the country’s citizens may be raised to the amount of monthly basic income of 800 euros per month. Provide basic income is not pie in the sky from the basic income refers to the income of the government to take part as the basic national income quota, the income does not require any conditions and qualifications, as long as their nationals, everyone can get a basic income. According to the British "Financial Times" reported that, although the idea of providing basic income in political practice is not much, but had a lot of theoretical support from Martin Luther?? (Martin Luther King Jr gold) to Milton? Freedman (Milton Friedman), this idea gained amazing wide support. The British think-tank — the Royal Society of Arts (Royal Society of Arts) has published a report, to support the idea of ebullience. Holland reporter Hess lvte? (Rutger Bregman) Bregman is also keen on this idea — in his paper’s "strong realist Utopia" (Utopia for Realists), the idea is summarized. Supporters believe that if the state provides basic income for everyone, no matter what they do or what they need, will build the ultimate social safety net. Although some people questioned the basic national income will be a lot of lazy, but in fact, the issuance of basic national income is not an increase in welfare benefits, even on the contrary, the idea is to cut government spending on welfare.相关的主题文章: