Film and television drama, the birth of a child, there are many false true birth is actually…… S marie digby

Film and television drama, "children" how many false?…… Sohu – maternal for mothers, every time I see about children’s television drama fragment is, the heart must have mixed feelings. Don’t look for Taiwan, want to know what is going on delivery, not a look, TV shouting piercing, even feel aching. In the children’s television drama are how much water? The real delivery and what is going on? The scoop, you notice more wonderful Oh! A fiction: the whole deafening roar, tired no friend to the TV series "multi crane aunt", Sun Li not only the whole children shouted, and even stop the plot was a rag this happens, absolutely not in the actual delivery process. First of all, the doctor will guide the mothers in the uterine contraction and force, rather than the whole force, which can save energy, avoid the cries of "boring", resulting in force is not enough. In addition we can try, when you are very hard, in fact is not shouting voice, as with a rag gags, it will affect the maternal respiration, resulting in decreased productivity, these are the most reluctant to see things. Two children: or adult fiction writers too simple drama "Mi month biography", the king asked the doctor, Bao Bao children or mother, of course, such a plot It is often seen. in the TV drama, but in reality, this is no longer a choice, any doctor will make every effort to keep the mother first life. Because if you do not, not only in the life ethics is unreasonable, and basically maternal danger, the baby died, even give up the mother, barely keep the fetal life, also may have serious brain diseases. In another case, after the baby is born, maternal complications such as uterine rupture, such as postpartum complications, may die. However, with the obvious order between the two, will not have the choice of either this or that. The fictional three: the child was holding wrong, the most impressive "child is Baocuo" is almost haunting lingering in every China mother-in-law in the mind of the shadow, especially South Korea tragedies as the pinnacle of "Autumn in My Heart", leaving more than tons of tears, there are endless concerns for children baocuo. In real life, in order to avoid the wrong child, the hospital will have a series of very strict rules, the baby after birth, will be the first time to write a "one-time wear Bracelet XXX of children", in order to prevent duplication and show some unique information on the bracelet, for example in jianliao area is a single room so, the baby will be marked in room and bracelet. Many mothers see here, may have some misunderstanding in childbirth has been recognized, but the whole process is what? What time to go to the hospital? What to do when admitted into the delivery room? What? What is the delivery room? Face these questions, tell you all a micro film. On Monday September 26, 2016, micro film "secret" in the delivery room of Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital official WeChat platform video premiere, the full story of a mother from the entire process, complete the uterine delivery, not bloody, without disturbing the lens, pregnant mother.相关的主题文章: