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Female tenants drying clothes often missing results let people be startled at 70 year old this year, Jinhua Dongyang city south city streets village villagers strict old man, these days some unusual move. 2 in the morning, he did not sleep, but hiding in the room staring at the monitor screen, the picture is some stair corner dry female clothing, for several days in a row, a strict old man in squatting, seemed to be waiting for what…… Female tenants to dry clothes often inexplicably missing the morning of November 1st, the Dongyang Municipal Public Security Bureau of Jinhua city police station received a public warning: caught a thief stealing clothes in the southern city streets of the village. The police on duty police quickly rushed to the scene, saw the cold, a woman barefoot, is shivering, the other dressed in a pink skirt, a long shawl dancing in the wind, also wearing a pink coat. Police rushed to bring it to the interior, but "women" a look up, can not help but also shocked the police, the other side is a man. Look at age, also very young, and the so-called short skirt wig, is male dress up only. One side, Yan old man began to complain, saying that in order to catch each other, really suffered a lot of hardship. Originally, Yan man is the landlord, the family house is mainly used to rent, but in October this year at the beginning of this building, they dry clothes always missing which is rather baffling, strict old man to his home, there are tenants. At the beginning, Yan man did not care too much, after all, do not see the clothes is not worth the money, that is the tenant accidentally take the wrong, but many times after a strict old man found a strange place, missing, all female clothes. Monitoring watching is a woman that was actually a man caught a strict old man so check the monitor, finally found a suspicious place, several times, is around 2 in the morning, a woman walked into the door of their home, turn on the stairs corner away on the outside to dry clothes. Yan man angry, he wanted to have a "stolen goods and was", so every morning, he did not sleep, specifically at monitoring. Until the early morning of November 1st, the "woman" finally appeared again. Yan old man immediately wake up the sleeping son, and notify the village patrol team came to help the thief. In the "woman" is about to reach out to steal clothes, "waiting for" has long been the strict uncle and everyone caught on the spot. The thief caught, and to everyone’s surprise, the so-called female thief was a big man. The police in his residence found more than 200 pieces of clothing for women in the police station, the man admitted stealing women’s clothes in his account, his name is Guizhou people, 19 years old this year, at present, workers in Dongyang. Since late June this year, little Mo has repeatedly in the southern city streets large village area residents, stealing women on the outside to dry clothes, in order not to be recognized, he put on clothes every time a woman, wearing a wig, in order not to let people hear the sound, also deliberately do not wear shoes. Little mo general 12 pm from the residence to carry out a flashlight, in the general assembly, markets and other area to farm, see female clothing in the sun, go up and steal, leave your own love to wear, do not throw away the love. In the afternoon of November 1st, the police searched Xiao Mo’s residence and found a large number of women’s clothes stolen by Xiao Mo, including.

女租客晾晒的衣物经常失踪 结果让人大吃一惊 今年70岁高龄的金华东阳市南市街道大联村村民严老伯,这几天举动有些反常。凌晨2点,他不睡觉,却躲在房间里盯着监控,显示屏上的画面是楼梯转角晾晒的一些女性衣物,一连多天,严老伯都在蹲守,似乎在等待着什么……女租客晾晒的衣服常常莫名失踪11月1日上午,金华东阳市公安局南市派出所接群众报警称:在南市街道大联村抓到一名偷衣服的小偷。值班民警迅速出警,赶到现场,只见冷风中,有一名“女子”赤着脚,正冻得瑟瑟发抖,对方身着粉红色短裙,一头披肩长发迎风飞舞,还穿了一件粉红色的外套。民警赶紧将其带到室内,但“女子”一抬头,不禁把民警也给震惊到了,对方原来是个男的。看年纪,也很年轻,而所谓的短裙假发,都是男扮女装而已。一旁,严老伯开始诉苦了,说为了逮住对方,真是吃了不少苦头。原来,严老伯是房东,家里的房子主要是用于出租的,但今年10月初开始,他们这幢楼晾晒的衣服老是莫名其妙失踪,其中,既有严老伯自己家的,也有租客的。一开始,严老伯也没太在意,毕竟不见的衣服也不值几个钱,以为是租客不小心拿错了,但次数多了之后,严老伯就发现了奇怪的地方,失踪的,全部都是女性衣服。监控里看是个女子抓到才发现竟是个男人严老伯于是查了监控,终于发现了可疑的地方,好几次,都是凌晨2点左右,有一名“女子”走进他们家大门,转而在楼梯角拿走晾晒在外面的衣物。严老伯怒了,他想来个“人赃并获”,于是,每天凌晨,他都不睡觉,专门盯监控。直到11月1日凌晨,那名“女子”终于再次现身。严老伯马上叫醒正在睡觉的儿子,并通知村里的巡防队人过来帮忙抓小偷。在“女子”正要伸手偷衣服时,被“守候”已久的严老伯和众人当场抓住。小偷抓到了,让大家意外的是,这所谓的女小偷竟是个大男人。民警在他的住处搜出女性衣物200多件在派出所,男子承认了偷窃女性衣服的事实,他交代,自己姓莫,今年19岁,贵州人,目前在东阳务工。今年6月下旬以来,小莫已经多次在南市街道大联村一带的居民区,专盗晾晒在外面的女性衣物,为了不被人认出来,他每次作案都穿上女性的衣物,戴上假发,为了不让人听到声音,还特意不穿鞋。小莫一般晚上12点多从住处出去,随身携带手电筒,在大联大田头、菜市场等一带转,看到有女性衣物晒着的,就上去偷,喜欢的就留下自己穿,不喜欢的就扔掉。11月1日下午,民警搜查了小莫的住处,找到了小莫所盗的大量女性衣物,包括内裤、文胸、丝袜等等共219件,女鞋10双。不过,他为什么要专偷女性衣服呢?小莫说,他就是喜欢,民警怀疑其患有异装癖,目前已经为其安排心理方面的咨询。不过由于小莫连续偷窃,其行为已经触犯了法律,目前已被东阳市公安局刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: