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.puters-and-Technology A remote control mouse functions very much like an ordinary mouse. The main characteristic that distinguishes it is that it is not connected through a cable to the .puter. Instead, it transmits Infrared beam to the receiver situated very near to the .puter. The receiver is oriented in such a way that it picks the signal from anywhere within the range but, when an object or person enters its line of sight between the receiver and the mouse, its signal may not be transferred from the mouse to the receiver. Wireless remote control mouse is very suitable for persons who require close assistance in handling official matters or business. It helps in operating notebook .puters and multimedia projectors. A person can operate his .puter within the fifteen meters range. It is free from dangling wires as it is a wireless remote control mouse. Due to the advanced technology called RF, there is no need to pay more attention towards the direction and position of the mouse. The touchpad technology of the wireless remote control mouse helps in moving them easily, convenient for clicking and for making reservation very precisely. It is very convenient and simple to install and also could be used along with the normal or original mouse simultaneously together. There is no need for a support to be taken from a table top for operating them as the control lies in the grasping of the mouse. There is also no need for any kind of drivers and can adopt the USB interface. They also .e with rechargeable batteries that have high capabilities required for operating the remote control mouse. A new remote control mouse has been introduced recently which can control the .puter within a range of nearly twenty six feet or eight meters. It is considered and marketed as the most suitable mouse for media and presentations. The features of the new remote control mouse are: It is a wireless laser mouse with eight buttons in it. The laser technology used in the remote control mouse is capable of registering more surface detail that it enables the user to use it on more surfaces than the wheel mouse or standard optical mouse. It consumes very less power and the three step power mode of the mouse extends the battery life. It has a four way scrolling wheel, very convenient for zoom out or zoon in function. The CPI button can be used to select the required or favorite cursor speed. Automatic connection is achieved with the smart link connection between the USB Dongle and mouse. It has an ergonomic design and is very sleek with a rubber top coating. It can also include 2 AA batteries in it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: