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Fear of childbirth? Then look at the "birth preview" large – Sohu child from conception to birth, to a family is a big deal. This event is not only the family got newcomer, more important is that for couples is not a small project, why do you say so? Gave birth to a healthy baby, need healthy sperm and egg successful combination, it sounds simple, but the sperm and eggs but need a long developmental stage. When a successful pregnancy after the responsibility falls on maternal, embryo in October after inoculation, only for a moment of delivery. All said after the October pregnant women are the real women, when the mother’s first female has no birth sense of worry and fear. The birth of life is a miracle of nature, the moment of childbirth is indeed a precious moment. Such a precious moment. Are you ready? You do not know their own, if children can experience a dress rehearsal, you will not be strange! This rehearsal terminology is called "delivery preview", "delivery preview" is the hospital for mothers to simulate a complete admission, labor and delivery the whole process includes the process, from the signs of labor, including admissions, familiar with all aspects of the delivery room, simulation of childbirth, medical personnel are detailed explanation and demonstration, so that mothers know every process is done, you need to do, be familiar with the flow of labor and personnel, environment of delivery room and really good facilities. Many pregnant women in the third trimester of production will produce fear, so the doctor will recommend that pregnant women in childbirth, but to participate in the "Preview" delivery preview "and not everyone has the opportunity. In order to let pregnant women better understand "birth preview", the whole process of production, especially the Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital took a "labor preview" real documentary. Upcoming release, attention Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital, WeChat public platform to prepare to see the big bar!相关的主题文章: