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Expectant mothers how to meet the arrival of healthy babies – Sohu maternal and child pregnancy is a thing to make themselves and their families are very happy thing, after pregnancy, the family will be more than a little life. Once there is a child, the parents have a great responsibility, their own life will be a great change. If you say this is pregnant with the child, the matters needing attention during pregnancy you will know very much, but when the mother for the first person, for everything is very confusing. In order for the baby to be healthy to the world, there are some things that mothers need to know, especially those that can affect the health of your baby. 1 do you have a birth plan the so-called birth plan is actually a piece of paper that lists your wishes for the birth of the baby. If your friends are planning a birth, you can ask your friends for help. At the same time, you can tell your doctor about your plan. On this piece of paper should list the things that might happen, such as delivery mode you want, born in childbirth position, who need to accompany, it will need to include how you want to treat pain and how to feed the baby. There are indications that a mother with a birth plan will make it all the better. If your friend doesn’t have a birth plan, you can look for it on the internet. 2 the health of pregnant mothers and their children’s health is directly related to the health of your mother, when you know you are pregnant, you need to adjust your way of life. For example, a healthy diet, taking prenatal vitamins, to avoid lack of body nutrition. If you have the habit of smoking, drinking, taking medicine, at this stage to get rid of this habit, because doing these things will lead to miscarriage, the child’s weight is light or even premature. In addition, the pregnant mother did not suggest that excessive intake of caffeine, caffeine can limit the absorption of iron, lead to stillbirth! 3 child health care decision although now your baby is not born, but you should also consider the question of how to take care of children. Because once your maternity leave is over, you need to get back to your job. You have to figure out who’s taking care of your baby and how to take care of the baby. As soon as possible arrangements, to avoid other changes. 4 bags in the hospital during pregnancy, you have no way to predict what time do you produce, a few days before your birth, you need to go to the hospital to take things ready, this way, even if you suddenly childbirth, will not forget to bring something. The hospital bag should include baby clothes, camera, mobile phone, baby blankets, diapers, wipes and food etc.. All of these matters, do you understand that these things can not be ignored in order to meet the health of the baby?.   相关的主题文章: