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Writing-and-Speaking The objective of writing is to convey information exactly as you mean it and come across as informed, knowledgeable and persuasive. All of these depend on your following rules of English grammar. In its simplest form grammar requires you to know about formation of words and sentences and the correct sequence. Grammar also includes spelling and punctuation as well as semantics and syntax. To be perfect you must be well versed in all branches, a tall order given the fact that English language draws from different cultures and is constantly evolving. You may argue that the main object of writing or speaking is to communicate and that grammar is not that important if you achieve this object. However, the fact is that incorrect grammar can lead to misunderstanding and can actually fuddle up your idea instead of making it clear to the reader. If there are rules, they are there for a purpose. If you know about tenses, you can form sentences with the correct usage of tenses and thus be more effective in your presentation as well as present a timeline. For instance, present tense is used to discuss facts while conditionals come into play wishes or assumptions and subjunctives indicate some form of compulsion. There is more. You must also know how to construct compound and complex sentences with adjectival, verbal and adverbial phrases as well as clauses for coherence and logic. There are little things such as agreement of subject and verb, order of words, prepositions and apostrophe that make a difference to the quality of your writing. If you wish your writing to appear professional, your grammar must be more than good. Just the thought of making plurals of nouns can give you the jitters. There are words of English origin and words borrowed from other languages in which case the plural is quite different from the singular. The rules of grammar must be ingrained in you and must come naturally when you write or speak, not an easy thing for most people. To be honest, it is not practical or possible to keep in mind the many rules of grammar. You cannot refer each piece of writing to an expert. It is time consuming and expensive as well. A better option is the availability of online grammar checkers. You can go for English grammar check free online utility that is simple to use, imposes no restrictions and gives your compositions the touch of refined elegance. All you do is copy paste a block of text into the grammar check window. In a few seconds you are presented with a corrected version that addresses all grammar issues. In addition, your text is refined, sentences are reconstructed to be better and punctuation is taken care of in a seamless way. It is easy, it is fast and it is free. Some of the best things in life are free and you will find it an indispensable tool to help you excel even as you learn from your errors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: