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Eleven on the eve of Ali earnings: for the first time not to mention the GMV really want to view the latest quotes to the electricity supplier of sina technology Zhou Xuedie Zhang Jun in 2016 11 double distance less than 10 days, the Alibaba announced the 2017 fiscal year second quarter earnings yesterday evening, revenues of 34 billion 292 million yuan ($5 billion 142 million), an increase of 55%. It is worth mentioning that, following the listing of Ali so far, for the first time not mentioned in the earnings data GMV, which may mean that the real electricity supplier Ali to start. "Ali next year not mention e-commerce." GMV is an important index in the traditional retail electricity supplier, GMV is called water, for e-commerce, GMV is the turnover of a website, including sales, cancel orders, reject the order amount and return order amount. Ali listed in more than ten years of earnings reports, GMV has repeatedly been cited as an important data. In May this year, Ali released the 2015 annual results, it is mentioned that create group in the last fiscal year GMV reached 3 trillion and 92 billion, while rhetoric in fiscal year 2020, Ali will become the first human platform turnover of over 6 trillion yuan of the company. Subsequently, in June, the investor conference, Ma said Ali after the release of the quarterly earnings report, will no longer be an important indicator of the electricity supplier GMV digital index. At the same time, in the just concluded cloud habitat conference, Ma Yuncheng: from next year, Alibaba will no longer refer to the label of e-commerce, into the new era of retail." At the conference, Ma Yun’s remarks also cause Terry Gou to the tank, "we finally to net electricity supplier, you don’t play." However, GMV, electronic commerce is still a label from the earnings data, this quarter from the core business revenue reached 28 billion 493 million yuan, an increase of 41% compared to the same period last year, growth has slowed down, and the number of active buyers in the first quarter of the growth also slowed. In spite of this, with the current domestic economic environment, at the same time, the Alibaba in the past few years the number has reached a high peak, but it is undeniable that the current core business slowdown tendency, to a certain extent, the Alibaba started from the inside out business transformation. For the Alibaba to the electricity supplier of the determination on analyst telephone communication, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong also said that the most important thing is not to focus on the opportunities in front of own online business, but to help the traditional business to upgrade to the new retail model. "3 trillion of the online sales is an important milepost, clear the inflection point coming, remind us to use Alibaba construction of commercial facilities, including trading platform, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data, promote the value of 30 trillion Chinese retail economic transformation." Cloud computing is becoming one of the top three under the direction of a growth pole of cloud computing as a Alibaba established in the future, the quarter revenue reached 1 billion 493 million yuan, a record high, an increase of 130%.相关的主题文章: