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Early pregnancy vaginal bleeding is how to return a responsibility? Sohu 1 maternal and embryo abortion itself (1) if the embryo itself has defects (such as chromosomal abnormalities), when developed to a certain extent will embryonic death in utero, spontaneous abortion, this phenomenon is inevitable. Clinical features: a small amount of vaginal bleeding, due to the amount of bleeding and stay in the vagina in different time, blood can be bright red or brown. Sometimes with a slight lower abdomen and lumbosacral pain and tenesmus. Encountered such a situation should be timely treatment, after B ultrasound examination, blood tests and other natural abortion, the doctor will do a timely manner to clean up the intrauterine residue. (2) due to some reasons, ectopic pregnancy is the implantation of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube, ovary, pelvic cavity and other parts outside the uterine cavity. More than 90% of ectopic pregnancies occur in the fallopian tube. Fallopian tube wall is very thin, with the development of the embryo, the fallopian tube is swelling and erosion of the hair, and then rupture, can cause a lot of bleeding, can lead to severe shock and endanger the lives of pregnant women. Tubal pregnancy without rupture or abortion, there is no special clinical manifestations, often overlooked. The clinical features were: a small amount of vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain or straining feeling. Abdominal pain suddenly appeared in some patients, persistent or recurrent, accompanied by nausea and vomiting, anal straining and discomfort, severe pale, cold limbs, even syncope, shock. Encounter this kind of circumstance should see a doctor immediately: B is checked inside palace cavity does not have pregnant bursa, outside the uterus has bag piece or gravid bursa. Confirmed after ectopic pregnancy rupture should be hospitalized immediately, surgical treatment. (3) hydatidiform mole is caused by abnormal proliferation of chorionic villi that form the placenta, resulting in the formation of a string of different sizes. The clinical features were: menopause 8 ~ 12 weeks of continuous vaginal bleeding, early pregnancy reaction occurred earlier, the long duration of symptoms. The level of serum HCG was significantly higher than that of normal pregnancy. Encounter this kind of situation should immediately see a doctor, after B ultrasound examination, blood HCG examination is diagnosed, the doctor will timely treatment, the uterus of the grape tissue clean. Because the disease is worse for the possibility of choriocarcinoma, so follow-up blood HCG level also in the 2 years, in order to prevent the abnormal condition. 2 aspects including pregnant women and maternal endocrine abnormalities, congenital uterine anomalies or acquired dysplasia, pregnant women suffering from systemic diseases (such as severe infection, high fever disease), excessive smoking and drinking alcohol, by trauma can lead to early pregnancy vaginal bleeding. In this case, the doctor will be based on the amount of bleeding and the severity of the disease, to make a comprehensive judgment and treatment. (1) in the absence of progesterone within a period of 3 months of pregnancy, the formation of the corpus luteum of the ovary to maintain the supply of nutrients, after the onset of pregnancy, the placenta slowly formed to replace the function of the corpus luteum in 3 months. In the luteal phase of pregnancy, and the placenta has not yet formed, easy to cause progesterone deficiency, leading to vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy. Clinical features: a small amount of vaginal bleeding, often less than the amount of menstruation, was bright red, sometimes accompanied by a slight lower abdomen.相关的主题文章: