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Drunk man two "enthusiastic" affair girl wake up mobile phone watch no modern Express News from the bar drunk out, there are two "enthusiastic" girl to help bring him to the hotel to settle. However, when he woke up, but found his cell phone and watches are gone, the account is also less than 3000 yuan. Modern Express reporter learned that this is a recent case in Nanjing, Nanjing Xuanwu police arrested the thief with only 10 hours. Originally, the two girls in the bar were specially drunk, and opportunistic theft. September 17th morning, Nanjing Xinjiekou police station received a public warning Mr. Pei said he, apple 6S, Tissot mobile phone is stolen, the account has been transferred out of 3000 yuan, the total loss of more than 11000 yuan. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately find Mr. Pei details. According to Mr. Pei reflect the night before, he and friends to drink until late at night, in a bar to leave, he has drunk. A bar the door, then approached two young women and Mr. Pei said, can send Mr. Pei home. Mr. Pei also admitted that he was also a little crooked mind, then let the two woman to send them to the hotel accommodation, the two women agreed. To open the hotel room, Mr. Pei soon fell asleep, he woke up and found two women had his mobile phone and watch disappear without a trace, but also disappeared. Aware of the possibility of a thief, he quickly found a friend, by his mobile phone landed his account, and found that the 3000 yuan was transferred. "According to Mr. Pei reflect the situation, we analyze the two women most suspects." Wu Mingsen, deputy director of the Xinjiekou police station told the modern express reporter, then the police will be launched on the two women. Through monitoring and tracking, 10 hours later, the police arrested the two. Two a man surnamed Guo, Henan people, 26 years old this year, another surnamed Liu, Anhui people, 19 years old this year, two per capita in KTV work. The face of police, two per capita said did not take Mr. Pei and said something, Mr. Pei drunk, may be drunk during their lost. "But we have seen the hotel surveillance, in addition to the two women, and no one else in the room Mr. pei." Wu Mingsen said. After further investigation, police found clues in the two women’s cell phone chat record. Originally, they approached the door to bar Mr. Pei is premeditated. Modern Express reporter learned that, because of work in the field often, two women know there are a lot of people are in a bar and got drunk to go home, this time, is a personal guard ability was the worst. So, two people waiting at the door of the bar, drunken men approached the initiative, opportunistic theft. That night, they took Mr. Pei to Jiudiankaifang, because Mr. Pei is using a mobile phone to pay the rent, so they peek into the payment password. When Mr. Pei was asleep, they will take away his mobile phone and watch, and the account of the money to go. Currently, two women on suspicion of theft has been under criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is still under investigation. Police remind the general public, not drinking, if drunk, must make friends escorted home, do not easily receive help from strangers, to keep the wolf from the door.相关的主题文章: