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Painless childbirth really pain? Painless childbirth have an impact on the baby? – Sohu can nurture a baby mother is very happy, but also let people full of expectations, often mothers in late pregnancy began to choose the mode of production, we all know what is the best choice for mother and baby birth number however, birth face is unbearable pain, but with the progress of science and technology painless childbirth sought after by everyone, but we did not know too much about painless childbirth, we learn together under painless childbirth don’t really hurt? Many women will be able to truly painless painless childbirth? This feeling in fact, when interest in painless childbirth will use some analgesic drugs, such as intramuscular injection of pethidine, the analgesic effect of these analgesics is still very good. , can be very good to alleviate the pain of childbirth, but premature birth, twins and pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome, heart disease of pregnant women to get the doctor agreed to use. Painless childbirth safe? Painless childbirth is the so-called doctor by birth in anesthesia, anesthetic effect, so pregnant friends at the time of childbirth pain is relatively less, many pregnant women are more concerned about, will have an impact on the fetus anesthesia adopted at birth, in fact, as long as you choose the professional hospital, in an operation is professional can very good avoid the occurrence of the harm, can be very safe and painless childbirth, pregnant women without pain, is an ideal mode of delivery. Painless childbirth also need to enter the operation room? Authoritative experts, painless childbirth is no need to enter the operation room, the whole process of painless childbirth is mainly by our anesthesiologist and obstetrician collaboration, so this approach does not require in the delivery room can be delivered, so there is no need to enter the operation room. What women can choose painless childbirth? Painless childbirth is a relatively common mode of delivery, but not every pregnant woman can choose painless childbirth, for example, suffering from pregnancy complicated by heart disease, drug allergy, waist injury history is generally not take maternal childbirth without pain, these pregnant women is best to consult a doctor and listen to the doctor’s advice, to choose their mode of delivery. The above is the painless childbirth is painless understanding, in fact a child is a great thing, we don’t always think it is too complex to use common heart to treat, if the body conditions allow it to choose natural childbirth, natural childbirth is in conformity with the laws of nature, choose the way of delivery be sure to follow the doctor’s advice advice, for themselves and do not blindly choose their own baby health. Painless childbirth on the impact of painless childbirth on the use of narcotic drugs affect the baby’s health and development, which is the most worried about the family. Any operation has a certain risk, epidural anesthesia has the possibility of causing hypotension, headache and other discomfort, serious and even life worries, but the incidence is very low. So mothers do not have to worry too much. In addition, although there may be adverse effects of painless childbirth, the impact of labor and placental supply.相关的主题文章: