Do not let the officials sacked cases become a prerequisite for error

Do not let the officials sacked become the premise of case of correcting original title: do not let the officials sacked as a premise: the case of correcting author Long Gui Wu is not correcting is not closed, not only let the judicial credibility shame, is a kind of mental torture of the parties. Why bail for 9 years without closing, whether the responsibility when the case manager and other questions, need a positive answer. According to reports, the end of September 2006, Guangdong Zhanjiang under the Lianjiang municipal government guard Ruan source, the night time wrote two local officials satirical verses, and then sending to the city’s more than kejiyishang cadres of the mobile phone. In doing so, officials in Lianjiang was furious when he was party secretary of Lianjiang Wu Jiezhong therefore ordered the police investigation, Ruan source was detained for 17 days and released on bail, no longer below. In March this year, Zhanjiang City, former deputy mayor Wu Jiezhong (Deputy departmental level) suspected of the crime of bribery investigation, 9 years of silence "Lianjiang poem case" was finally ushered in a turning point, in July 14th this year, Ruan source of Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau to submit the state compensation request, in July 18th by the Lianjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau accepted. Ordinary criminal cases not complicated, one for 9 years is not closed, the parties are still on bail, until the original instructions handling officials sacked only dense willow trees and bright flowers no matter from which point of view, and has been a serious violation of the relevant laws and regulations and judicial procedure. In the case of paradox, if wrong, when according to the corresponding provisions of timely correction; if the facts are clear and irrefutable evidence, should be handed over to the procuratorial organs in the investigation after the end of the next step into the judicial process, according to the prescribed time limit. No correction is not closed, not only let the judicial credibility shame, is a kind of mental torture of the parties. It is reported that Ruan Guoyuan was writing the irony of Lianjiang officialdom officials, he will be held by the Lianjiang police officers, who has been involved in corruption in the fall, including Wu Jiezhong and Wu Jiezhong perform handling instructions, instructions on the implementation of investigation of the source of the Ruan Lianjiang City Public Security Bureau Long East malaysia. Ruan Guoyuan himself after being removed from the unit, health is also getting worse. Extremely ironically, because Ruan Guoyuan had a Wu Jiezhong instruction in prison, but now because of Wu’s innocence was sacked. Does this mean that if Wu Jiezhong does not have an accident, Nguyen source has to have something to go on? This possibility is obvious, and the probability is not low. The case handling retired police said, "Lianjiang poem case" has not been the police promptly closed and error correction, the main is Wu Jiezhong career and smooth, the police did not receive the leadership instruction, simply wrong, one of the. Here the release of two messages, one is right above the law, the individual consciousness of leadership above the law; the two is the local public security organs do not act according to law, to maintain their independence, but completely answerable to the local government leaders. In a sense, the law become power dependency, and the police became petty officials, official authority display props. Under the double dislocation, Lianjiang poetry case has finally become a do not do, do not do not confuse the case, so that over the years hanging without decision. And the parties Ruan Guoyuan, is doomed to be a victim of no concern. Too much Hao相关的主题文章: