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Distressed! Westbrook was the big 4 hit empty cut only two pairs of hate with little help – Sohu (Sohu sports sports exclusive articles is forbidden) November 4th Beijing time, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues, the thunder 96-122 defeat away warriors. This service, because the game lost suspense, Westbrook played only three day truce, he scored 20 points and 10 assists and 6 rebounds and 2 blocks and 1 steals, but also had 6 turnovers, shooting 15 in 4, efficiency is not high. NBA career for the first time with Durant to become rivals, Wei little mood is undoubtedly complex. Although, in the face of the media in the past few months, Wei less not much. But almost all of the reports that Durant’s departure, let Wei little very unhappy. Come to today’s game, people look forward to a mars hit the earth showdown staged. Before the game, for the ball, the media is also the overwhelming propaganda. Even the two former teammate James James said in interviews, this ball, including him, almost all the people are concerned about. The first section, Westbrook does not seem to be affected by external rendering, he deliberately suppress their emotions, rhythmical offensive organization. You know, yesterday in Losangeles, just after the 4 day battle thunder, 2 win over the clippers. Therefore, Wei less after the opening of this low-key is reasonable. But the low-key is not inefficient, in the series of less Wei, the thunder first played a smooth attack. 9 minutes ago, Westbrook had 5 assists, and led the team to establish 10 points. In the defensive end, he also gave a big cap cover curitiba. How to start from the last paragraph of the first section of good times don’t last long, and with Westbrook thunder off into a passive. Single finished when the warrior has poor will be close to 1 points. The second section, when Westbrook to be caught off guard, the debut, the nightmare begins…… This day, Westbrook is almost all the warriors will hit hit. The first is Durant, the face of Westbrook, he did not relent, the festival early, KD continuous jumper, led by the new owner of the climax; followed by a brother, Thompson, curry scored, let Westbrook thunder and his care for this and lose that constantly on the run. The difference is a little bit counter ultra, was opened, was expanded to two digits, Westbrook also impatient, during he gave Du Shao a hard hat, a hard foul smells, but look around him, but there is no awesome teammate. So, come to the end of the first half, Westbrook suffered a brutal siege. Warrior Green to seize the opportunity, even send Westbrook 2 Hot pot large cap; curry also keen judgment, even sent Westbrook 2 steals. A combination of boxing, Westbrook was completely stunned, in his face, not the arrogance of opponent’s domineering, left only a loss,. In the score, the warriors first half built a 25 point advantage, the focus of the battle of a much anticipated, so early was killed or suspense. In the face of such an outcome, Westbrook is unwilling, but he can do, only to have a good rest and forget all this, want revenge, want revenge, Westbrook also can only wait until next year when the home court battles of the warrior).相关的主题文章: