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UnCategorized UFC 69 will feature a long awaited showdown between two Ultimate Fighter season one fighters. Josh Koscheck and Diego Sanchez. While I believe that Sanchez should be in line for a title shot, even without this bout, who can argue that it will be an unbelievable fight. During the Ultimate Fighter season one, Sanchez defeated Koscheck by decision after a close three rounds. Considering that at the time Kos was 99% wrestler and 1% MMA fighter, it wasnt’ a bad showing for Koscheck. Since then, both fighters have been on a rampage (sorry Quinton), winning victory after victory. That is of course except for Koscheck’s one sided KO loss. When I say one sided, I mean that Josh Koscheck was .pletely dominating the fight with Drew Fickett, when Fickett landed a big knee, then secured the victory by submission. On the other hand, Diego Sanchez remains undefeated in his MMA career. He had an amazing victory over Karo Parisyan and an even more impressive win over Joe "Diesel" Riggs, courtesy of a big knee and some punches. What’s going to happen when these two talented fighters meet? I’m not going to give a prediction, but I want to see it unfold. Diego’s striking has improved a lot since his Ultimate Fighter days and his cardio is always great. Josh Koscheck has also improved his striking and has be.e much more of a well rounded MMA fighter. He still has the best take downs in the sport. Absolutely ferocious! If my memory is correct, UFC 69 will be on April 7th, in Houston, Texas. I also believe that the long awaited Matt Serra vs Ge.es St Pierre fight will be on that same card, assuming that St Pierre’s knee injury has healed. I wonder if Dana White is setting this match up to see who will face the winner of St Pierre, Serra? I can’t believe that he’d want to do that as there is probably big money on the line for a Matt Hughes, Ge.es St Pierre rematch. Koscheck vs Sanchez will not end quickly like the Joe Riggs – Sanchez fight did. It will be a long fight, perhaps even going to a decision. The question is not so much who is the better fighter, but who has improved more since their last war and who wants it more on April 7th. Will Koscheck’s outstanding wrestling and killer take downs be enough, or has Diego’s game also improved? What else will be featured on this card? It could theoretically be enough time for Quinton "Rampage" Jackson to be ready for a rematch with Chuck Liddell, but I don’t see the UFC putting that fight on the same card as Matt Serra vs Ge.es St Pierre. Perhaps a second tune up fight for Rampage would be on this card though. Maybe against somebody like Forrest Griffin or Keith Jardine. Hey, that would be the fair thing to do, put Jardine up against Jackson to see who is next in line for Chuck Liddell! Good luck to both Josh and Diego, may the best man win! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: