Depression or reservoir for a dead living water-exit safe mode

"Depression" or "reservoir" A shares for We want you dead water! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! The super currency is regarded as the "reservoir" of the property market, "eleven" has once again suffered a very stringent regulatory policy, the A stock market optimism grow with each passing day. Many institutional investors are pointed out in an interview, the capital market regulation is bound to have a "crowding out effect", while the A shares plummeted after several is in a relatively "depression", from the point of view of capital flows, which is expected to make A shares to obtain incremental funding, thus promoting the market upward. However, taking into account the management’s determination to curb asset bubbles, and macroeconomic fundamentals are still not optimistic about the A shares or will not appear pulse prices rose rapidly, it could be replaced by implementing the policy intentions Manniu trend. Qianhai Kaiyuan Fund chief economist Yang Delong said that over the past three years the property market and the stock market seesaw effect is very obvious, the stock market is strong, the market or the property market, the stock market fell. At present, market regulation has achieved initial success, the expected capital flows out from the market, constantly looking for new opportunities, while the A shares in blue chip is a valuation of depression, which is the main factor affecting the market, the market will be a Manniu trend. The water flows many fund managers expect the property market, A shares can take over the super currency "reservoir" role. This expectation is not a logical basis but prompted by a sudden impulse, strong. Shanghai, a fund company investment director believes that the China observed over the past years monetary policy can be inferred, in the current macro economy is still in a difficult transition under the background of the super currency in a period of time is still normal, does not appear significant tightening. He pointed out that the super currency, pushing up asset price bubbles, but also to the management of manufacturing a dilemma: if the full punctured asset price bubbles, so the super currency will spread in the society in circulation, causing severe inflation, which is obviously the management do not want to see. "From a point of view, it is because of the funds’ reservoir ‘there will appear background of the rapid growth of M2, our relatively moderate inflation. Therefore, the property market in the capital ‘reservoir’ function is impaired by the regulation and control policies, the market will naturally find a new ‘reservoir’ to replace, otherwise will force money into circulation, there a few years ago, "Jiang your army" and "garlic" production data surge phenomenon, this the management is obviously not want to see." The investment director said. Yang Delong pointed out that the current China M2 has reached 150 trillion yuan, more than two times that of GDP, while the international general is about double the proportion, which means that the China currency is over, as a result, the flow of funds in different markets. So you can see that this year in addition to the stock market, the property market, commodity futures market, gold prices have been rising, so, on相关的主题文章: