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Press-Releases SANTA MONICA, CA – Dr. Roya Levi, an experienced dentist in Santa Monica, CA, has helped many patients achieve their dream smiles by offering the latest in dental techniques and technology. To continually satisfy her patients’ oral health and treatment goals, Dr. Levi is pleased to offer Invisalign in Santa Monica as one the most popular and effective ways for patients to straighten their teeth. Invisalign clear braces correct and straighten teeth that are misaligned, over crowded or spaced, the same way as traditional metal braces. Unlike bulky wire braces, however, customized Invisalign aligners are clear, which means a patient can straighten their smile without anyone noticing. They are also removable, allowing patients to conveniently eat and brush their teeth as they normal would. Treatment time varies for each patient, but can generally be completed in less than a year. "In recent years, the revolutionary Invisalign system has become a household name due to the quick, convenient and amazing results that can be achieved. We custom-design each Invisalign tray for every patient in order to help him or her achieve the healthier, straighter smile they’ve been dreaming of. No other invisible braces offer the comfort, convenience and discreetness as Invisalign," said Dr. Levi, Santa Monica Cosmetic dentist. Dr. Roya Levi, along with general Santa Monica dentist, Dr. Soheil Levi, offers comprehensive and compassionate dentistry for the entire family. From general care to cosmetic services, the practice offers a wide range of dental treatments including Invisalign, dental implants and tooth whitening in Santa Monica. The practice also treats conditions such as sleep apnea, snoring and TMJ disorders. Existing patients, or people interested in learning more about Invisalign from Dr. Levi, can visit the practice’s website for a wealth of information about the practice, the office, available services, new patient protocol and more. Patients also have the convenient ability to request an appointment online. For informative reads on important dental health topics, such as Santa Monica dental implants, visitors to the site can also take advantage of the extensive patient education library, which is accessible 24/7. About Dr. Roya Levi, DDS: Dr. Roya Levi received her DDS from UCLA, School of Dentistry in 1991 and continues her passion for dentistry through continuing education. Throughout her education at UCLA she thoroughly enjoyed attending numerous seminars and continuing educational workshops. Joining Dr. Roya Levi is Dr. Soheil Levi. He received his Post Graduate Doctorate degree in the field of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry from USC School of Dentistry. He has successfully placed and restored over 3,000 implants. His focus is on full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation using dental implant technology. Media Contact: Dr. Roya Levi [email protected] [dot]com 2409 Main Street Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 392-8313 http://www.royalevidds[dot]com About the Author: 相关的主题文章: