Decrypt the beauty circle slang! Cut the makeup is what male virgin ghost (video)

Decrypt the beauty circle "slang"! Cut the makeup is what male virgin ghost? Recently, I found that my bestie changed little. It is said that she is playing a game, playing games to play the game, she said, I also more and more do not understand. One day she was holding a mobile phone excitedly shouted: "cheating, who will take the dog ah, give me a lighter or ah, this is what a spicy chicken, you give dad good roll round Africa fox?" Tanshou, heaven, black eyes, forced meng. What does she say? Play a game of people love to say "slang"? Oh, you don’t know what is slang, slang is all walks of life (especially the comparison of secret industry) in that used to replace some may reveal important information words words. For example, "note" is refers to the police. I was in addition to send her a dirty look, suddenly thought of a problem: Well, we have this beauty world ah! "Ex boyfriend mask" is what? "Straight cut" what is it? What is the former boyfriend’s girlfriend tearing makeup? "What is the wake up face"? Today is a beauty industry "slang" science! These people do not understand the words, in the end is what? Listen to the public for 11 ~ ex mask first heard the term I was ignorant of the force, later it was SK- II Pitera essence mask, a film about 100 blocks. The source, and then heard the name of it is "after the skin to explode makeup never floating powder powder to her ex boyfriend card he will regret trying to cry again". Friends, paranoia is also a kind of mental illness, trouble to go to the hospital. This EX minutes to be thrown into the trash, but also buy 100 pieces of a mask for him, you mind Watt? God wants to sleep with me "lipstick many beauty makeup bloggers (including me), when describe a lipstick very good-looking, with some fantastic words always, what" painted the color God I want to sleep "," the color will make the male God couldn’t help kiss export"…… , please, and do not say your male god of the world outlook, lipstick may only be "painted or not painted", "red or pink", really can see the red is the blues or brown tone of the male god, absolute! Is GAY! Okay! But, we girls really not to anyone, nor to any man who. We are purely because of their love, pure love, is to see yourself in the mirror smooth skin, flawless makeup, feel that they are living hard and delicate,. Finally, suppose a lipstick captured the hearts of men of God? I think it will be a bit faster under effective Oh ~ cut male tray in recent years as the cosmetics industry is obsessed with the consumer relationship, this may sound like a horror movie bloody, prada enough men torture and slaughter the flesh and blood flying in all directions is used to describe the word, even the shadow. Yes, I admit that these plates are very beautiful, but really do not know where to cut the man? The same lipstick is a "cut man" say, you must have heard, cut the male disc you believe you choose carefully, after use will only get the male god concern greetings: "darling, how the eyes? Was beaten by anyone? type相关的主题文章: