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UnCategorized Jumping from buildings, deciphering super secret codes, and turning heads everywhere, Jennifer Garner, who plays Sidney Bristow in the old classic television series "Alias", shares a great passion with other Hollywood stars who adore cupcakes. L.A.’s favorite family-owned bakeshop – "Yummy Cupcakes" has seen quite a few stars who stop in for a cupcake fix or two. Jennifer, Hayden Panettiere and James Cameron who seem to be certified paparazzi magnets were among the many people seen dropping by for a cupcake break in this side of town. E Online! Knew Jennifer’s love for cupcakes and surprised Jennifer with homemade cupcakes on her 27th birthday while she was doing press for the "Ghost’s of Girlfriend’s Past". Jennifer remarked she was really enjoying her birthday because she kept getting fed cupcakes. Aside from being such a versatile actress, Jennifer Garner has expressed her love for food and her interest in baking cupcakes. Her interest in baking cupcakes may stem from her love of science in college. Jennifer was a chemistry major in college before figuring out she loved acting even more. Baking cupcakes is kitchen chemistry, and Jennifer was on her way to expert status. Her baking talents were showcased on Martha Stewart’s show. Jennifer and Martha whipped up a bunch of white cupcakes with strawberry butter cream. Even the name of the frosting makes the mouth water. Violet, Jen’s eldest daughter simply loves cupcakes. She celebrated her 3rd birthday in school with her fellow classmates in Santa Monica, CA. with cupcakes. Violet beamed with a happy grin. Maybe those strawberry pink cupcakes mom whipped up on Martha Stewart’s show were behind that smile. Without doubt, cupcakes are a simple way to make kids of all ages happy. Is it just the sugary sweetness? No, it’s a .bination of goodness. For many people it reminds us of the sweet times from childhood and Mom’s love. Jennifer Garner knows cupcakes create wonderful Mom memories that will be treasured by her children when they grow up. About her girls, Jen says "I just want them to happy." Happy memories with Mom. Does anyone else have a mom memory that involves cupcakes? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: