Culture of the central state-owned enterprises income is still levied 10% range expanded to 11 3344111

The culture of the central state-owned enterprises revenue levy 10%  to extend the scope of 115 – Finance – original title: the culture of the central state-owned enterprises revenue levy of 10% to extend the scope of 115 industry insiders said, at present the proportion of central enterprises paid dividends or low, should gradually increase in reporter Bao Xing on the "Securities Daily" reporter learned yesterday., the Ministry of Finance issued the "notice" on the central cultural enterprises do in 2016 to declare the work of state-owned capital gains, starting in 2016, the central cultural enterprises to declare the work of state-owned capital gains. The Ministry of Finance official said, in 2016 the central cultural enterprises of state-owned capital gains is declared, according to the 2016 release of "central state-owned capital management budget management Interim Measures" and "central state-owned capital gains received management measures". According to the above approach, the central state-owned capital gains received proportion is divided into five categories: the first category is the tobacco companies, the proportion of 25% of the charge; second kinds of petrochemical and other resource-based enterprises, the proportion of 20% of the charge; third kinds of steel and other general competitive enterprises, the proportion of 15% of the charge; the fourth category of military enterprises, the central cultural enterprises the proportion of 10% of the charge; the fifth category of enterprise policy, exempt from profits payable for the current year. Reporters found that this year the central cultural enterprises collection of state-owned capital gains, to expand the scope of levy, but the proportion has not changed. According to the "notice", the China publishing group, China foreign culture group company, China radio and Television Network Limited, China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co. Ltd. and other 115 central cultural enterprises turned over to the state capital gains, charge ratio of 10%. The 2015 108 central cultural enterprises turned over to the state-owned capital gains, the proportion of the charge of 10%. The "Circular" said that the contents of the declaration in 2016 the state-owned capital income is divided into five parts, namely should make profits, dividends, dividend income of state-owned shares, the transfer of state-owned property rights, liquidation income, other state-owned capital gains. When calculating the profit, the net profit may be deducted from the previous year’s outstanding losses and the statutory reserve. Among them, the previous year did not make up for losses in the end of 2014, the company’s undistributed profit. Previously issued guidance on deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises, pointed out that the proportion of state-owned capital gains turned over to the public finances, more for the protection and improvement of people’s livelihood. The proportion of state-owned capital gains will be increased to 30% by 2020. "Opinions" also mentioned will be the transfer of some state-owned capital to enrich the social security fund policy. At present, the proportion of dividends paid by the central rate is still low, should be gradually improved, and its dividends are conducive to play the role of macro-control of the state-owned capital operating budget. Although paid dividends will increase the operating pressure of the central enterprises to some extent, but can be forced to accelerate the pace of reform of state-owned enterprises." An industry on the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, in addition, the long-term development of accumulated equity of state-owned capital is sharing the wealth transfer of state-owned capital, will be part of the national social security fund as soon as possible, can make up for the formation of the pension gap. Recently, there is news that by the country相关的主题文章: