Cross repairer why is Foxconn exit the harmonic Futeng – Sohu car splitit

Cross repairer: why is Foxconn exit the "harmonic Futeng"? After the classic CS Sohu car came out, Tencent in addition to CF; when a small partner addicted to DOTA, Tencent in addition to the League of heroes; electric cars are now very fire, Tencent can not bear to live? The result is naturally the Tencent pulled the harmonious automobile and Foxconn formed a "harmonic Futeng" 360° no dead iron triangle (Foxconn is positioned as "responsible for automobile manufacturing project", harmonious automobile is positioned as "responsible for car project marketing and service network construction, and the Tencent will be positioned as" responsible for the car network system and technology platform provider ".) , three people to enter the new energy vehicle market. Harmonic Futeng hand in hand 2015 March, Tencent, Foxconn automobile, harmonious three companies signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on the "Internet plus intelligent electric vehicle"; 4 months later, incorporated in the "Henan Futeng harmonious internet plus intelligent electric vehicle new energy partnership", harmonious Futeng a total investment of 1 billion yuan, holding Tencent Foxconn automobile, and harmony with the ratio of 3:3:4 investment. The establishment of harmonious Futeng shortly after, from BMW, Tesla and other large companies (please use a lot of heavily dug) executives, and immediately set up two car project Future Mobility and Zhejiang car internet intelligent electric car company. At one point, Future Mobility as the domestic high-end electric car and Zhejiang car internet intelligent electric car company positioning is more populist route. (the Tencent are still go to let everyone play the route) in 2016 July according to media reports, the harmonious Futeng’s Future concept car Mobility will launch in 2018, production models listed in 2020, and the car company since the acquisition of Hangzhou green car industry has been plagued questioned, did not release the concept car. See here you have to say the speed of electric cars is also possible, this is really the car, have tens of thousands of parts precision security cooperation can take up the car, not QQ speed. Generally a car out of the design to the test and then to mass production, at least have to be 5 years, the premise is the financial and technical support. The lack of a three harmonic Futeng October 30, 2016, Futeng harmonic’s company in Jiangxi Shangrao (small hometown), Jiangxi Province, Shangrao City Economic and Technological Development Zone signed an agreement, however, signing for Shangrao is Shanghai love Chi itvid company, rather than the previous harmonic Futeng’s Future Mobility or Zhejiang car internet intelligent electric car company. Shanghai love Chi itvid company in the end is what, what this really happened? According to media digging, Shanghai love Chi itvid company is a new company registered in October 10, 2016, Fu Qiang is a legal person of the company, the company name is Shanghai love Chi itvid Company Business Consulting Co., ltd.. Shangrao economic and Technological Development Zone in Jiangxi, the same home just set up less than a month to sign a 13 billion 300 million project is also a story of the project, or.相关的主题文章: