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Fancy innovation match "for the dream to accelerate" crack the innovation essence – folk entertainment team for the success of the Sohu Sohu customer entertainment news "public entrepreneurship, innovation, innovation, entrepreneurship has become the current social hot word frequency. With the rise of mobile Internet, appear takeaway website taxi software, software, and other types of domestic fitness Manicure customized service innovation and popularization of APP are changing the entire social life style. Innovation is everywhere, so what is the essence of innovation? This period for the dream to accelerate innovation contest, the program selected fitness, science and technology, art, social and other fields of different projects, hoping to crack the essence of innovative marketing. Not only the traditional push out leaflets, also have "marketing new ideas online, ground promotion is undoubtedly very important. With the fierce competition among all types of businesses, a push market already formed a relatively complete system of marketing: distribute leaflets and yelling, gifts, breaks etc.. However, in the period of "dream" to accelerate the program, brain hole wide open for entrepreneurs to push the understanding seems to have a new idea: fitness class entrepreneurial team to push against the two simulation, entrepreneurial team "light pen" and "run out" from sales of basic fitness activities the task. In addition to the individual processes are used "distribute leaflets, shouting" and other traditional methods, two teams in the subsequent push against taking different ideas: in order to achieve greater sales within the specified time, the "light pen" decided to choose the different industry alliance way for themselves and do not run diversion; out team due to different industry alliance ideas by the opponent first step, opting for mall of floating population "experiential marketing", through experience + preferential mode, "run out" is also a good momentum. Different industry alliance PK interactive experience, who is the ultimate winner in the push of innovation? In the science and technology projects to push against the link, the two teams made by China Zhi Zhi Zhi future and Galaxy war armor have adopted product experience marketing. Children lock user group "the Milky Way armor team to pre emptive, drainage through" armor against "a start" bursting with popularity; made the future robot "select" step by step ", first water play a warm-up, hope the robot on the final statistics flow time finale. The critical moment, the giant robot "NK-01" appeared to help "made the future robot team can really turn the tide?" PK pre emptive step by step, which is the ultimate King innovation push? To have the brain hole operating innovation to marketing new ways in addition to push the solid basic skills, a new marketing innovation, a good idea is to have sufficient enterprises can bring unexpected surprises. The "dream" to accelerate the creative marketing also went to the art and innovative ideas gathered in Beijing 798 Art District, "wonderful" and "folk" two venture team received the "theme auction" task, the team’s own design and creative products, and then sold to consumers in the auction way. Plastic bottles as raw materials, "wonderful" group!相关的主题文章: