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Quit-Smoking The usage and maintenance of electronic cigarette kit is something that very few people have written on. This is a very important part of vaping e-cig as having a clean e-cig cartridge means you can have a hindrance free e-cig vaping experience. The main items that constitute an electronic cigarette are the rechargeable battery, the atomizer containing the sensors, and the cartridge that contains the e-liquid. The battery requires regular charging, and for that purpose, every electronic cigarette kit has a charger with it. The atomizer holds the sensors in it, so that when the user is inhaling, the sensor passes the signal to the battery, and the battery heats up the cartridge that contains the e-liquid. This process then gives you the vapor and .pletes the process of vaping with you exhaling the vapor. Electronic cigarette maintenance is not a cumbersome job, for only the cartridge requires a regular cleaning and that too only in a few weeks. The cartridge contains the e-liquid, and however much this liquid is filtered, there remains a high chance that when cartridge contains it for a continuous period of time, even when vaping is not being done, some residue will remain on the inside walls and also the corners of the cartridge. Cleaning the cartridge in every 5-8 weeks, depending upon the frequency of usage, is a good way of maintaining the electronic cigarette kit . The cleaning or maintenance of e-cig cartridge has two different purposes. When the cleaning is done only to keep the cartridge residue free, it has few procedures. You can choose any of them, as your needs and options. The other reason to clean e-cig cartridge is when you decide to change the flavor of the e-liquid. The e-liquid flavors can either be strong or mild. If you have been using a mild flavored e-liquid, chances are there that you will not need any special procedure to clean it to shift to a different e-liquid, for the smell or flavor will not stay on for long. But if your e-cig liquid something strong like Menthol or Mango, then the flavor will tend to stay on even after you have washed the cartridge with water. For such cleanings, here is a good method of getting rid of the strong flavor. Empty the cartridge of the remaining e-liquid. Then wash it initially with tap water. Boil some water and add a couple of teaspoons full of vinegar in it. Vinegar is a strong flavor remover. Use the vinegar depending on the strength of the e-liquid you have been using. Two spoons full should be good for a 100ml of water to be used for cleaning one cartridge. Boil the cartridge in this vinegar mixed water for 5 to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that you are using a metal body cartridge before you use this method to clean the cartridge. If you are using a plastic body or fiber body cartridge, there are other methods of cleaning the e-cig cartridge in order to remove the flavor. To .e back to the process, boiling kills the strong remnants of the flavor. The next step will be to wash the cartridge in hot water. This step is necessary for the taste of vinegar must be eradicated as well. Then you need to keep the cartridge in the open for a few hours so that the moisture is naturally dried and you can pour the new e-liquid and enjoy a smooth vaping experience. Electronic cigarette kit is a .plete package and gives you healthy vaping experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: