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Chongqing city issued about car rules: vehicle must have a local license Sina Francisco October 9th afternoon, Chongqing issued the "Interim Measures of Chongqing city network booking taxi business service management (Draft)", the provisions about network vehicle must have the public security department issued a motor vehicle driving license, driving license and vehicle registration the owner of the vehicle. The area and to be engaged in the business services area is consistent. Net about car driver must obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driver’s license and has more than 3 years driving experience. The following provisions: the article 1: objective evidence for the standardization of network booking taxi service operating behavior, operation safety and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers, according to relevant laws and regulations, with the actual city, the enactment of this approach. Article second the scope of application of the city’s administrative region engaged in network booking taxi (hereinafter referred to as the network about car) business services, the application of these measures. The third principle requires the priority of the development of urban public transport, the appropriate development of taxi, in accordance with the principle of high-quality services, differentiated management, orderly development of the network about cars. Fourth management system city, county (Autonomous County) people’s government should establish a taxi management collaboration mechanism to prevent and resolve various contradictions, coordinate and solve major problems. City, county (Autonomous County) transportation department in charge of the administrative area of the network about car management. The municipal, district and county (Autonomous County) road transport administrative agencies shall be responsible for the specific implementation of the management of the Intranet in the administrative area. Other relevant departments in accordance with the statutory duties, the implementation of the relevant supervision and management of the network car. The second chapter car network platform company Fifth license management network for taxi operators (hereinafter referred to as the network about the car platform company) shall obtain a "permit" online booking rental car business, be engaged in business activities about car service network. The application in the net about the car business, it shall have the ability to service the line, meet the following conditions: (a) have the status of enterprise legal persons; (two) have to carry out the network about the car business platform of the Internet and information data and adapt plans to carry out business interaction and processing ability, have for transportation, communications, public security, taxation net, letter and other related supervision departments in accordance with the relevant data and information retrieval query network, network service platform database access road transport management institution supervision platform, the server settings in mainland China, are in conformity with the provisions of the network security management system and safety protection measures; (three) the use of electronic payment, shall be signed to provide payment and settlement services the agreement with the bank and non bank institutions; (four) a sound management system, safety management System and service quality assurance system; (five) in the city has the corresponding service agencies and service capabilities, service agencies in the city for industrial and commercial registration; (six) other conditions prescribed by laws and regulations. In addition to the above conditions, the foreign investment enterprise shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations on foreign investment. Sixth bidding materials in the city administrative area.相关的主题文章: