Chinese tourism scenic photography contest exhibition into the Morocco General Assembly – Sohu trave xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Chinese scenic photography contest exhibition in Morocco Tourism Conference – Sohu on November, "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change" the conference of the parties held in Morocco in the southern city of Marrakech, China Green Carbon Fund director, Bo Xing Beijing tourism investment planning design institute chairman Liu Xia China Green Carbon Fund invited to attend the meeting and, in the "China corner" will do "Chinese tourism low-carbon innovation practice" keynote speech. Liu Xia, chairman of the keynote speech, said that the development of low-carbon tourism needs of the depth of the development of the region, but also the community needs to inject power in the field of development, said Liu Xia. In the future, tourism scenic spots in the construction of three-dimensional low-carbon transport system, the construction of low-carbon Turisthotellet, popularity of low-carbon tourism and encourage low-carbon catering behavior, research practice and exploration of tourism environmental education public platform and other aspects also need further step, the construction of low carbon low carbon disposal of creative products and waste. I hope more people to join the ranks of low-carbon tourism scenic areas, to protect the ecological environment of the scenic spots. "China corner" Chinese scenic photography contest exhibition area in the "Chinese corner" scene, also from the many photography exhibition China let beauty more beautiful "China scenic photography contest, the exhibition is not only to many countries and regions in the world of friends to show the charm of Chinese scenery, and shows the practice case China scenic low-carbon action. The delegation in the "China corner" Chinese scenic photography contest exhibition area of participants in the "China photo corner" China scenic photography contest exhibition area (photo images from international online) participants enjoy China scenic photography contest participants enjoy the Chinese scenic photography contest "Chinese Chinese let beauty more beautiful. Scenic photography contest since 2013 held by Chinese Tourism Association, Xing Bo Brigade (Beijing) culture development center to promote the Chinese contractors, magnificent mountains and rivers and tourist attractions protection and construction of new image, advocating civilized travel, low-carbon eco tourism new concept, to promote the healthy development of the national cultural tourism industry for the purpose. In 2016, the fourth session of the Chinese scenic photography contest by the title of Qiyunshan scenic area, media brings colorful folk songs into the scenic and travel photographer Master. To appeal to tourists and scenic spots focus on ecological protection, since 2016 years, each having a collection activity, the organizing committee has donated afforestation to China Green Carbon Fund, used to produce and collection activity carbon footprint, appeal to tourists and scenic spots to participate in the action to cope with climate change. The Fifth China tourism scenic photography contest will be launched in 2017, welcomed the various tourist attractions, enterprises and institutions, media, photography organizations contact cooperation! Part of the exhibition works (units and individuals): blessed family name: Source: Anhui ecological and cultural tourism Qiyunshan Photography: Chen Kaixi Name: Hailuogou · waterfall ice source: Sichuan Hailuogou scenic area photograph: Wei Ping river name: Juma River scenery source v.相关的主题文章: