China’s judicial human rights white paper 3 million 80 thousand people included in the blacklist of

China judicial human rights white paper: 3 million 80 thousand people included in the blacklist dishonest original title: the 3369 defendants acquitted of wrong case sentenced protest 6591 yesterday, the Information Office of the State Council issued the "new progress" the protection of human rights in the judicial field Chinese white paper. The white paper is about 13900 words, in addition to the preface consists of four parts, respectively, continuously improve the judicial protection of human rights mechanism, to further improve the judicial protection of human rights, efforts to improve the judicial protection of human rights and to guarantee the execution of the detainee’s right. > > yuanjiacuoan last year, the 130 thousand defendants do not arrest the "white paper" pointed out that the implementation of Chinese suspected crime from unprincipled, active prevention and correction of miscarriages of justice. 2012 to 2015, courts at all levels declared 3369 defendants innocent. In 2015, the procuratorial organs at all levels do not constitute a crime or the evidence is insufficient, the decision not to arrest 131675 people, not to prosecute 25778 people; deems erroneous criminal judgment to lodge a protest 6591. At the same time, China has established the system of illegal evidence exclusion to protect the legitimate rights of criminal suspects. The white paper said that in 2015, the procuratorial organs at all levels of the investigation organs should not be placed on file and filing, urge withdrawn 10384; supervision to correct the abuse of coercive measures, illegal evidence investigation of illegal activities in the case of 31874 times. For example, in 2014, Hebei province Shunping County procuratorate for examination in Wang suspected of intentional homicide, according to many doubts, and resolutely exclude illegal evidence, to arrest decision, suggestions for further investigation, the public security organ eventually arrested the murderer. > > protection of the rights of extended detention without trial last year fell to 6 in the "white paper", Chinese detention center to improve the transparency of law enforcement, regularly open to the public. Procuratorial organs supervise the detention of criminal suspects and defendants in the health examination and temporary activities management, prevent and correct the investigators suspect the detention of illegal interrogation or inquisition by torture. Strengthen the supervision of criminal detention period, the supervision of the relevant departments to clear the case for a long time to decide. Check out the detention of 4459 people in 2013 3 years open, 2015 dropped to 6 people. In addition, China strengthen the supervision of prisons and detention of detainees, safeguard legitimate rights are not violated, as of 2015 there are 2610 detention center detainees to establish complaint handling mechanism, there are 2558 detention center hired invited supervisor. > > credit system 3 million 80 thousand included in the dishonest blacklist, white paper pointed out that China to strengthen the implementation of the effective referee to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in the implementation of the case. As of 2015, a total of 3 million 80 thousand China debtor promises are included in the list, a total of 3 million 577 thousand passengers to buy tickets to intercept, 598 thousand and 800 passengers to buy train, high-speed rail and motor vehicle seat above the ticket. According to the white paper, from 2012 to 2015, Chinese admitted the courts for enforcement cases 12 million 591 thousand and 400 Jianjian相关的主题文章: