China Insurance Regulatory Commission to open 16 tickets to punish agricultural insurance false fact

China Insurance Regulatory Commission to open 16 tickets to punish agricultural insurance false factoring factoring industry said this year has been checked for the three time Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Each reporter Yuan Yuan   the increasingly urgent demand, favorable policies continue, the development of agricultural insurance ushered in the golden age, but the challenges and opportunities often accompany with the agricultural insurance industry, "chaos have no prospect of profit and other problems ensue. The day before, the CIRC punishment on the part of the insurance companies in the field of agricultural insurance underwriting, preparation of false data, false false claims and other illegal acts, and out of the history of the largest ticket, 16 tickets total fines of up to 4 million 570 thousand yuan. An agricultural insurance responsible person said, at present, the agricultural insurance business chaos is mainly reflected in three aspects, namely, the underwriting side end and financial claims. This special report will focus on the current situation of agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance in the development of the golden age of those opportunities and challenges. Focus on agricultural insurance chaos. With the acceleration of the process of agricultural modernization in China, the development prospect of agricultural insurance is gradually emerging, the huge market dividend has attracted many insurance institutions to stop. At the same time, many problems have been exposed. Recently, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission official website announced the details of a "special rectification of agricultural insurance supervision and on-site meetings", and said to face the problems of agricultural insurance, agricultural insurance to regulate the market management work well. At the same time, also for the supervision on the market chaos, to open a ticket. In this regard, some insurance firms insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter said, supervision inspection every year, to promote the improvement of the agricultural insurance business, the current agricultural insurance business does have some problems need to be solved by means of supervision. "This year’s inspection more, so far, have checked three times." The Agricultural Insurance Supervision issued remediation chaos recently, in the "agricultural insurance supervision and special rectification on-site meetings", the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui, the insurance companies to further unify their thinking, with a strong sense of mission and sense of responsibility and urgency, to implement agricultural insurance special rectification work; all insurance regulatory bureaus to enrich the way methods to improve the work efficiency, supervision and inspection. "To know again, to carry out special rectification of agricultural insurance again, the existence of problems in previous work reflect on and further investigation, focus on solving the agricultural insurance work understanding is not in place, the agricultural insurance problems harm the understanding is not in place, and solve the problem to the problem is not in place." Chen Wenhui said, the insurance regulatory bureau to objectively look at previous stage achievements, strengthen the preliminary work on the summary of the situation, to work in the presence of gaps and deficiencies, find the problem, pay attention to the analysis of causes, the initiative to enhance the supervision and inspection work, further from the thought and action seriously, out of work, earnestly selves, responsible for defending their territories, to defend their duties. This check will be every year, with the annual inspection of the insurance business is similar to strong insurance, used to inform and point out the existence of agricultural insurance in the previous year相关的主题文章: