Children grow up from childhood, often do not get a happy life after adulthood – Sohu maternal and c christie stevens

So small children, adults are often not happy life – Sohu Wen Wen Wen | mother every seed needs to go through the baptism of wind and rain to Hana Mieshigeruhashi tree, but in recent years, we often see this news report: a 8 year old primary school students because I didn’t write the homework by the teacher criticized several sentence, home to drink pesticide Dutch act; a middle school students because of class reading extracurricular books confiscated by the teacher, some students jumped Dutch act; because the college entrance examination is not ideal Dutch act…… Now the children of psychological tolerance is too poor, it is the thing but trifles will bring devastating frustration. Tell a little story, I was a student, learning good teachers, be clever and sensible, very love her. A class, she always found his hand into the desk drawer, eyes also secretly glance at, eyes indicate several invalid, let her put things on the podium, the children cried back to the station. More people may not be forced the night her mother phoned an explanation after he was. I can’t help worrying about what the child’s future will look like. Children’s psychologists in the United States believe that "people who are very happy in their childhood are often very unhappy when they are adults". This is obviously contrary to the concept of our country, we work hard to make money, as far as possible to meet all the requirements of the child, so that he has a happy life environment. We advocate appreciation education, afraid to leave the shadow of the child’s childhood and scars, let him grow up healthy without pressure. But when the child came out from this man-made vacuum environment, society wind sword, fierce competition and the ubiquitous traditional code of conduct will give them a blow. Quite a few people will endure unbearable reality and unable to get up after a fall of anxiety and depression. Therefore, in order not to become a child on the broken glass heart, frustration education is necessary. 1 to correctly understand the frustration of children because of their own development and the limitations of life experience, often unable to complete the task, such as walking down, the building blocks of a mess, like toys broken…… Adults do not rush to help the child, should let the children realize that the difficulties are common, teach children to solve the problem. In this way, children will not be afraid of setbacks, with the ability to deal with setbacks. 2 using the power of an idol the values of children are not easily influenced by their parents and the stars before they are formed. Parents can be described as the idol of a child’s life, words and deeds will subtly educate their children, so parents face their own misfortune to have the right attitude. In addition, can also use the film stars such as Batman, Captain America, Beaming with Joy, enhance the child’s psychological quality and resilience. 3 to encourage children in frustration when children encounter difficulties, adults should be timely to encourage children to say "come to think of it, you can" work harder, you can do it, I believe you will do". Because the child’s own judgment and understanding from the parents of his evaluation, so he will be encouraged to identify themselves psychologically. In addition, parents do not give children too high expectations, so that children will be more afraid of setbacks and failures. Appreciation education and frustration education!相关的主题文章: