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Chengdu P2P net loan platform boss Juankuan million lost contact with the police file – Sohu news company closed the door lazy lazy rich rich operating company Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co., Ltd., registered in April 20, 2015, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the legal representative for Xie Gui east. In December 3, 2015, the company experienced a change of shareholders, investors changed from Xie Guidong to Qianhai lazy rich financial information services (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the large shareholders and the legal representative of the latter is the announcement to bring capital fled Zhong Ninglin. Compared to the Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co. Ltd., Qianhai lazy rich financial information services (Shenzhen) Limited registered time later, in November 24, 2015, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. Shareholders of three natural persons Zhong Ninglin, Tan Xueyong, and, in which the amount of subscribed capital contribution of 47 million 500 thousand, holding a total of $, with a total investment of $, the number of shares of the company was $95%. However, according to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, the company’s 2015 annual report shows that the three shareholders of the paid in capital are 0. In addition to Qianhai lazy rich, Zhong Ninglin or Chengdu one gold suit Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu eversolar Technology Co., the legal representative of the company and shareholders. Public information display, clock Ninglin graduated from Northeastern University, worked for the software company Neusoft group. From 2007 start, chairman and CEO of Chengdu eversolar Technology Co. Ltd., 2013 began to contact the Internet finance. Surging news attempts to contact the lazy rich Zhong Ninglin actual control, but the current mobile phone shut down, unable to contact. Different from the average net loan platform, the rich seem to avoid their lazy P2P identity. In the asset side, lazy rich propaganda is their "P2F" project, that individual financial institutions group purchase, including trust, information management and Monetary Fund, in addition, also some personal or corporate borrowing collocation P2P. In addition, the platform claims risk guarantee can advance the overdue amount, and not less than 1.4% of the amount to be also inferior in security, risk protection payments are not enough to cover bad assets, bad part after bad security repurchase. However, the official website of this commitment, the platform announced that the actual control of donations after the foot did not start. It is worth noting that there is a lazy rich association, eight financial network platform. Business information, including the Chengdu Huitong century Information Technology Co. Ltd. the domain name, this site is open. The site claims to be a one-stop diversified asset allocation platform, from the site on the set, the main columns are bank financing, trust products, raised funds, private equity funds, insurance, financial consumer Internet products and information distribution pipe. Surging news several times to call the official website of the phone, after the show you call the user is busy". The territorial management difficulties due to the P2P net loan through the Internet media broke the geographical restrictions, after the lazy rich announcement, Sichuan, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and other investors to build a dozen rights discussion group. A Shanghai investor to the surging news to produce a summary of the amount of investors in Shanghai incomplete list display.相关的主题文章: