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Chronic-Illness From performing frequency with certain types of movement, even for professional needs, or even simply by the use of the shape is not ergonomic chair. These disorders, usually are not dangerous, and have only had a disorder on the back of the neck and on the top of the spine; often are ac.panied by feelings of vertigo or dizziness also quite pronounced. The cervical arthrosis corresponds to the event associated disease in this disorder: in this case, however, the cause of the problem is not linked to the factors listed above, but rather to a progressive erosion of cartilage cervical. The remedies against neck pains are so many, and provide a .plete list is by no means simple. The massages, for example, are widely practiced therapy, provided that realized by professionals able to operate with perfect technique, yoga and meditation, at the same time, may prove valuable, as well as thermotherapy, which consists of placing the neck on a convenient, appropriate heated cushion, and that is particularly effective in the case where the causes of the problem are due to gusts of wind or temperature changes. Not lacking natural remedies: essential oils to massage directly on the skin, infusions and teas to be taken by the food, or foods with strong anti-inflammatory properties, such as blackcurrant, which is considered as a real natural cortisone. One of the most popular, both for convenience and for effectiveness, is certainly discernible in the so-called cervical traction therapy or treatment , which is a therapeutic approach that is based substantially on the execution of specific mechanical tractions related precisely to the cervical vertebrae. With this approach, you cannot stretch very effectively the cervical spine, thus correcting defects of posture and thus significantly reduces the pains that affect this particular part of the body. The traction can be performed in several ways, but the basic approach is the same, namely to "stretch" the cervical tract and make flawless the position of each vertebra. One can distinguish, for guidance, three different types of cervical traction: the first provides that the person undergoing the treatment position the face on a dedicated chin guard, which is connected to a mechanical device that performs the traction. Alternative to this traction is instead that manual, which is performed by the professional without the aid of any device; needless to say that for a therapy of this type, it is necessary that those, who run have a specific knowledge as regards this kind of therapy. Finally, a very effective method for the execution of the cervical traction recently conception is based on the use of special supports cervical, or structures that having a form designed with maximum accuracy and pinpoint precision, allow the execution of traction simply putting some back and the top of the neck, or by assuming the classical lying position, supine. Read more about the mag.ic therapy for other body pain treatment in India. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: