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Mobile-Cell-Phone Cellular Phone Features: What You Need to Know Choosing a cellular phone has be.e a crucial event in modern society. A cellular phone must identify with your personna and associate with your current job and daily demands. While the earlier cellular phone focused on .munication, it seems that current phones tend to glorify entertainment. Cellular phones have progressed quite a bit over the past few years, and the newer models are equipped with a variety of features, ranging from digital cameras to multimedia gaming. It is essentially up to the consumer to take into account all of the options, practical and irrational, and decide what is best. With such a wide variety of choices and features available, it is no wonder that so many are overwhelmed by selecting a cellular phone! Bluetooth is a wireless method for electronic devices to .municate with each other. It is now a basic element used in cellular phones, making it simpler for individuals to talk on the phone while driving. Bluetooth also offers a headset to attach to your cellular without the bothersome wires. Voice Dialing is also be.ing another standardized option. This enables you to say a name that has been entered in your address book into the cell phone, and the phone will instinctively find the number and instantly dial it for you. Both Bluetooth and Voice Dialing were designed in hopes of not only making driving easier, but also a bit more secure. Once considered a rare and extra feature, text messaging is readily attainable on numerous cellular phones. This type of messaging allows the user to send brief sections of text to other cell phones. There is also a new feature called multimedia messaging. This permits the user to attach audio, video, and images to the outgoing text message. A few of the newer cellular phones are intended chiefly for recreational purposes. The phones are primarily used to play music files, downloaded video and movies. Check with your provider because some will charge for the use of both features. Are you in the market to buy a camera phone? Just like purchasing a digital camera, you need to consider the types of photos you are going to take. Top cell phone makers such as Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola have had a dramatic rise in profits since their camera phones have popped onto the scene. Some phones offer built in zoom, while others have a 30 second to one minute movie feature. However, there is a downside to the camera phone. A majority of the phones tend to produce very poor-quality pictures because of their low resolution of one megapixel or less. If you want to snap better images, you need to consider a phone containing a camera with 3 or more megapixels. Still feeling overwhelmed? Go to your local wireless provider and ask an agent to show you some of the current cellular phones and explain the features in detail. Maybe seeing a phone in person will give you a greater understanding of what suits your personality and will ac.modate your overall lifestyle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: