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By G20 Dongfeng   Sino US tourism high-level dialogue will further promote cultural exchanges between the two countries – tourism channel (data figure: February 29, 2016, the United States and China tourism year opening). Beijing, September (Xinhua) Feng Yatao () on, President of the United States and China to attend the summit of the group of twenty (G20) leaders of the United States held a summit in Hangzhou, President of the United States, met with President Obama on. The two sides reached a consensus, which was mentioned in the "cultural exchange" in the results list: China National Tourism Administration and the U.S. Department of Commerce will continue to jointly promote the "China Tourism dialogue", China Tourism Year closing ceremony and 5000 China tourists visit exchange activities between China and the United States large tour year activities. As one of the important activities of the "China Tourism dialogue" will be held tomorrow (September 8th) held in Ningxia, in this fruitful autumn, China tourism exchange is entering a new period. Seek common development to the "China Tourism dialogue" theme of Yamashita Mika Helan Ningxia beauty hospitality for mutual learning, and create a new era of "China tourism exchanges, will focus on bilateral pragmatic exchanges and cooperation in tourism, for the tourists to provide more convenience and services, encourage their tourism industry to develop more dialogue for Tourism products and services, promote the aviation department to provide more humane services, promoting mutual benefit and win-win Sino US travel. Xu Xiaoping, director of the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Tourism Development Committee said in an interview with reporters recently, in order to enrich the China Tourism high-level dialogue will be held in Ningxia "142" series of activities, including "1" is the main activities, including the opening ceremony and the theme of dialogue; "4" is the 4 game of the series of exchange activities, including tourism promotion and product line study, friends of the city forum, Wine promotion, cultural tourism exchange activities; "2" are two fairs, including China (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo and the 2016 Helan International Tourism Expo Shandong mountain grape. Xu Xiaoping introduced, in addition to the "142" series of activities, Ningxia will also be in this session, an American travel business conference, invited the United States, Canada TSP participants experience as "one of the world’s 46 will go to the tourism destination" the unique charm of Ningxia. In addition, Xu Xiaoping said, is to enable people to actively participate in the activities, the organizers of the deployment of the series of interactive projects, such as the China US basketball, basketball can let the audience to appreciate the high level basketball match between China and Arabia; the draft horse can let everyone can watch all kinds of organic horse show; China (Ningxia) International Tourism Expo covers "travel, shopping and entertainment, food, shelter, and other tourism elements and new tourism industry, comprehensive services, in addition will also be held in the" Silk Road "delicacy Festival, invited the country well-known catering enterprises. These activities have a strong participation, but also a show to the public tourism, culture, sports and other industries to open up the results of the platform. Experts said, "China Tourism high-level dialogue held in Ningxia, is conducive to deepening local docking, develop new space, tourism cooperation, promote all-round development of Sino US province to deep level; is conducive to promoting the enterprise)相关的主题文章: