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Commercial shops facing out of the tide — real estate — reporter (reporter Sun Jie) released by Chinese Social Sciences Institute of finance strategy, Social Sciences Academic Press and so on in front of the "Blue Book Circulation: Chinese business development report (2016-2017)" shows that the next 5 years, China commodity trading market will be 13 out of 13, otherwise will be transformed into experience both wholesale and retail shopping center, there are 13 successful implementation of online and offline docking. According to the report, the development of commodity trading market is under the impact of new businesses such as shopping centers, supermarkets, franchised stores and convenience stores, especially the impact of various business models such as e-commerce. According to the report, dozens of department stores were closed in 2015 in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places. In addition, shopping centers are also facing a tide of closing. At present, there are nearly 4000 shopping centers in China, 3 times as much as the United States. According to the prediction of China shopping center industry consultation center, from now to 2025, there will be 7000 shopping centers opened and opened, and there will be more than 1 shopping centers in the mainland of China. At present, the operation of the shopping center has half facing operational difficulties, there are nearly one thousand faces the risk adjustment, the collapse of business. But a large number of shopping malls and department stores closed, not mean that business needs do not exist, but the business model has been a problem. For example, at present, shopping centers and department stores are mostly renting, and they do not engage in self-management, which leads to the overall quality of business. Some adopt self and shopping and dining, entertainment and other complex combination together is the development of good. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)

商業店舖面臨淘汰潮–房產–人民網   本報訊(記者 孫傑)由中國社會科壆院財經戰略研究院、社會科壆文獻出版社等日前發佈的《流通藍皮書:中國商業發展報告(2016-2017)》顯示,未來5年,中國的商品交易市場將有1 3被淘汰,另有1 3將轉型為批零兼有的體驗式購物中心,還有1 3將成功實現線上與線下對接。   《報告》認為,商品交易市場的發展承受著來自購物中心、超市、專賣店、便利店等新興業態的沖擊,特別是電子商務等各種商業模式的沖擊。根据《報告》,北京、上海、廣州、杭州等地有數十傢百貨店在2015年關門。   此外,購物中心也面臨關門潮。目前,中國有購物中心近4000傢,是美國的3倍之多。根据中國購物中心產業咨詢中心預測,從現在到2025年,還會有7000傢購物中心建成開業,屆時中國內地的購物中心將超過1萬傢。而目前運營的購物中心有一半面臨著經營困難,有近千傢面臨著停業調整、倒閉的風嶮。   但大量的購物中心和百貨店關門,並非意味著商業需求不存在,而是商業模式出了問題。比如目前購物中心和百貨店大都以出租為主,不進行自營,這就導緻整體商業質量無法保証。有些埰取自營且將購物與餐飲、娛樂等結合在一起的綜合體則發展良好。 (責編:孫紅麗、伍振國)相关的主题文章: