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Burn Chinese coastal Olympic projects rise noble sport market norms to "burn" Olympic sports reporter Ren Xiaozhang, Chinese rise of coastal sailing and equestrian fencing…… With the increasing of the eastern coastal province of the promotion of the economic level and the wealthy, these "burn campaign" favored by more and more people in the just concluded Olympic Games in Rio in the rich area, China team emerge in equestrian, sailing, fencing and other traditional weaknesses. Among them, Alex Hua Tian won three individual equestrian events of the eighth, creating the best history of China’s Olympic equestrian events. After the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, equestrian, sailing, fencing and other original in the eyes of the people and out of reach requires very high economic input of the "noble sport" began to enter people’s vision. In recent years, with the economic level of the eastern coastal provinces and the rise of the rich class, these sports in the rich areas are favored by more and more people. Mr. Wang, who works in Shanghai, told the "First Financial Daily" reporter that he started riding 3 years ago, and now the sport has become part of his spare time. "Busy work to go horse riding, horse at a gallop, then sweat, this feeling is quite good." Mr. Wang said. In the eastern coastal areas "Shanghai currently has a considerable scale and facilities, teachers can also race, there are about six or seven, if you count the small farm about ten or twenty. While the number of race in Beijing is ten times that of Shanghai, about two hundred or three hundred." Shanghai Quanjin farm manager He Wei introduced to the "First Financial Daily reporters, according to his understanding, in recent years, the eastern coastal areas of equestrian training people began to appear obvious growth. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, there are a lot of ponies, basically every county, the entire Yangtze River Delta region may have about 5000 horses. Sailing is also on the rise. Shanghai Yacht Club assistant chairman Wang Mingxu said: "now Shanghai bigger Yacht Club in about seven companies, including Dianshan Lake four, Jinshan District Bihaijinsha one, two in Dishui lake. In fact, sailing on the water requirements are more critical, in Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzhen and other cities have better water conditions, sailing has become very popular." The State Sports General Administration of Qingdao sailing school vice president Qu Chun told reporters, at present, their school affiliated clubs from all over the country, there is a billionaire, is the middle class, the middle class accounted for 2/3. Equestrian, sailing, fencing and other sports require a higher initial economic investment, which is the test of the economic strength of the family. The Rio Olympic team, Chinese gains in these projects of the players, but Alex Hua Tian was born in London, British biracial, several other people are basically from the eastern coastal areas. Equestrian, sailing, fencing and other sports prevalent in the eastern coastal areas, there are really data support. "China Equestrian Club jointly issued the" equestrian magazine, equestrian online and Beijing Zheng Cheng Chun Teng international trade limited company "and on the 201相关的主题文章: